Personalities from the Zlnsk Region received the highest award from the Minister of Education

Personalities from the Zlnsk Region received the highest award from the Minister of Education
Personalities from the Zlnsk Region received the highest award from the Minister of Education

PRAGUE, ZLNSK KRAJ – On August 25, the Medals of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture were presented to prominent figures in pedagogy in the Valdtejnsk Gardens in Prague. Among the 38 awardees were also personalities from the Zlnsk region: Stanislav Minak, long-time head of the Department of Cycling of the Regional Association, Zdenk Botek, former editor of Gymnzia Uhersk Hradit and Miroslava Polkov, teacher of the same club. The medals, which are the most prized in the field of education and training, said Minister of Education, Youth and Training Vladimr Bala.

Prizes are awarded for significant pedagogic, educational, scientific or artistic work, long-term and outstanding performance in the education sector or for extraordinary achievements in improving and improving conditions for education and long-term education in the Czech Republic.

I congratulate the highly valued personalities, thanks to whom the circles in the Zlín region are of high quality and credit. I especially want to thank Dr. Minak, who as the head of the regional department of churches was a significant and competent support not only for me, but certainly also for my two predecessors performing the function of councilors for churches, said Zuzana Fierov, councilor of the Zlnsk region for churches and culture.

Governor Radim Holi was also praised for his excellent work for the Zlín region.

Nominations for the MMT award describe the reasons on the basis of which the minister awarded the award:

PhDr. Stanislav Minak he is appreciated by the school for his lifelong contribution to learning and development – as a teacher, even as a member of the state board. He was a longtime coke editor. As head of the department of churches in the Zlnsk region, during 15 years of service, I am among those who were responsible for the fact that the level of regional churches moved to the second place among the many Czech regions. He is also recognized for his systematic approach in working with circles in the region and specifically for his work with the editors of regional circles.

Doc. RNDr. Zdenk Botek, CSc. they will send an award to MMT for the long-term contribution of the Czech Republic and for activities in the field of sports. The importance of his pedagogical activity crosses the borders of the region. Very long known different level extender of the system. As an associate professor in the field of theoretical cybernetics and mathematical informatics, he worked at the Faculty of Engineering of the UJEP in Brno, later at the Tome Bata University in Zln. As the editor of the gymnasium in Uhersk Hraditi, I have an excellent insight into the level of the middle class and its links, blogs, public speeches often raise topics for discussion in Czech.

PhDr. Miroslava Polkov, Ph.D. I have been working at a gymnasium as a teacher of Czech language and geography since 1981. She leads her students to scientific work in many Stedokola competitions and especially to respect national history. She organized a large conference of historians for teachers of the Zlnsk region, similar to the Czech-Slovak conference of Czech and Slovak writers and historians in 2018. Its students take first place in national literary contests every year. Kadoron presented at many international conferences, especially with the dark Slovak legions, II. world of wolves, Ladislav Mako and Jan Amos Komensk.

Note: An interview with Miroslava Polková in the regional Magazn 21 was published on the portal here:

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