The pensioner survives thanks to the Salvation Army. He is not entitled to any support

“He came to us from an asylum. He is reliable and capable, works flawlessly and is grateful to have a place to live. He also helps us in the organization,” Judita Kachlová, head of the social service of the Ostrava branch of the Salvation Army, praises him.

You are not eligible, the pensioner hears. There is only a minimum left from the pension, he applies for contributions in vain

They say that their clients from shared apartments would not be able to afford their own housing. In addition, they tend to be either too old or too sick to continue earning. “Therefore, everyone is afraid of how high energy and food prices will rise and whether they will be able to tighten everything. Bohumil is also not in good health, so he cannot earn some extra money,” he states.

Judita Kachlová can tell that the living conditions of their clients have significantly worsened by the fact that even people who did not need it before are coming for food aid. The aforementioned sixty-six-year-old senior citizen also belongs to them. “Now he buys groceries every week and uses what he can,” he adds.

“My pension is low enough to pull it all off. But it’s still some kind of income, so they won’t give me any benefit. I received a rejection saying that I am not entitled to housing allowance, just nothing. I can only manage so that I don’t borrow,” Bohumil sums it up.

As the head of social services explains, apparently no one thought of the model of shared housing and two sublease contracts for one apartment when writing the rules for housing allowance. In addition, it is written on the Salvation Army, and energy is not written on tenants either. “He will not be able to get any other support either, because he is beaten for having worked and has a pension, albeit not a very high one. If he lived on benefits, it would be something else,” sighs Judita Kachlová.

After the stroke, he continues to work and carry leaflets. People look forward to discounts today, says the woman

When she needs clothes or shoes, she also visits a Salvation Army branch. “Now I have to prepare for the winter, otherwise that would also be unsolvable,” says Bohumil. The organization also helps its clients with repairs in the apartment or with processing documents at the office. When asked how he would live without the help of the Salvation Army, relying only on himself and the help of the state, he blurts out: “If they weren’t there, it would be a complete disaster!” It wouldn’t have been possible without them.” And then he gratefully adds: “I thank them for the fact that with their help it is at least this way.”

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