The court canceled Pelt’s six-year prison sentence, the case of subsidies will be resolved again

Czech Television (ČT) reported on developments in the case on Thursday. The High Prosecutor’s Office in Prague (VSZ) confirmed the report on Twitter and prosecutor Ondřej Trčka subsequently stated in a press release that the procedure of the High Court (VS) corresponds to the proposal in his appeal.

“The public prosecutor suggested canceling the exculpatory statements and also canceling the condemning statement, with the provision that it should contain stricter legal qualifications,” said Trčka.

In the case, the chairman of the Czech Sports Union (ČUS) Miroslav Jansta, the secretary of the union Jan Boháč, the ex-director of the ministerial sports department Zdeněk Bříza, as well as the ČUS and the FAČR, also faced indictment. The municipal court acquitted them of the charges.

The plaintiffs did not say whether the Court of Appeal also ruled on their part of the case. Trčka only mentioned that the appellate court cannot itself find the defendants guilty of the act for which the court of first instance acquitted them.

VS spokeswoman Simona Heranová also did not provide details. “The decision was made in a closed session, so we will not provide further information on its content until the parties to the criminal proceedings can familiarize themselves with it,” said Heranová.

It’s only half time, Pelta said of the extrajudicial six-year prison sentence

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Pelta and Kratochvílova denied guilt from the beginning. The police intervened in the case in May 2017, when they arrested Pelta at the FAČR headquarters. At that time, the investigators searched the offices in connection with the subsidies of the Ministry of Education (MŠMT), where they also intervened in the same way as at the Prague municipality.

Kratochvílová, Jansta, Prague representative Karel Březina (ČSSD) and director of the sports department at the municipality Soňa Fáberová were also detained. The police also interrogated Bríza.

The announcement of the verdict in the case of sports subsidies last NovemberVideo: Radim Vaculík, Law

According to the judgment, which has now been overturned by the Court of Appeal, Pelta used his personal acquaintance with Kratochvílova and influenced her, especially during their meetings in an apartment in the center of Prague, to provide subsidies to specific applicants.

Among other things, he was to present her with a list of preferred requests. Kratochvílová then acted with the knowledge that she would unreasonably disadvantage other applicants.

The judge initiated the prosecution of ex-minister Valachová due to a false statement

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According to the judgment, they favored 18 applicants in this way and wanted to cause damage of at least 175.8 million crowns. According to the verdict, Kratochvílová attempted to abuse her authority, to breach her duty in the management of someone else’s property, and to negotiate an advantage when awarding a public contract. According to the municipal court, Pelta then led her to these acts.

The Minister of Education Kateřina Valachová (ČSSD) resigned earlier because of the case. The case also cost Kratochvílova and Pelt, who resigned from his post in the FAČR after being detained.

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