A young man stabbed an acquaintance’s liver and lungs and robbed a sauna. He agreed to eight years in prison

“We approved the agreement because we considered it correct,” said Senate President Daniella Sarah Sotolářová, adding that, in the court’s opinion, the sentence is not disproportionately severe.

State attorney Markéta Pánková took into account Řerich’s confession, as well as his cooperation in the investigation, when proposing the sentence. Sotolářová also reminded that he is close to the age of a teenager and showed sincere remorse.

In March of this year, Řeřicha stabbed the liver, lung and bile duct of his friend who was a year younger in Prague’s Holešovice. The attack was preceded by an argument that escalated into a fight.

Here Řericha lost and therefore ran out into the corridor, which also functioned as a kitchen, and brought a kitchen knife with a blade of more than twenty centimeters and returned to the apartment.

There, with the words: “So what are you going to do now?” he attacked an acquaintance. He pushed Řerichy until he fell to the ground. Watercress immediately stood up and stabbed his sap in the ribs.

“The fact that he had the upper hand in the fight was an impulse for the defendant to run for the knife,” Sotolářová pointed out, adding that this does not excuse him in any way.

A young man attacked a sauna and stabbed a peer. He wants to agree on guilt and punishment

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To make matters worse, a month before the attempted murder, Řericha raided a sauna in a shopping center on Prague’s Harfa.

He asked the receptionist several times how such a sauna center works, watched the closing process, and when the last guests left, he pulled a gun from his jacket at the receptionist and yelled, “He’s pouring money!” and tried to reach the envelope with the sales over the counter.

But he didn’t succeed, one of the receptionists grabbed her and ran to hide in the back room. Řřericha then loaded the pistol and pointed it at the second receptionist. He went around the counter and stole a lockable pocket with more than twelve thousand. He then fled the scene.

“I am very sorry. I am aware of the seriousness of my actions. It won’t happen again from my side,” concluded Řeřicha.

“I came to the opinion that a sentence below the statutory criminal rate would be sufficient to correct the defendant,” said Pánková in her closing speech, adding that a sentence imposed within the criminal rate, i.e. ten to eighteen years in prison, would be too severe for Řeřicha .

Řeřich’s defense attorney agreed with this, stating that the aforementioned plea agreement was the best solution under the given situation and circumstances.

According to the verdict, Řericha must also pay a total of almost 4.5 million crowns as compensation for damages.

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