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With the end of the school year, the validity of holiday travel days ends.

Summer and I have been caught driving to be integrated transport in Prague, at least for a year in the capital of the past. Almost all joints are not drilled into the pre-holiday state. You have to get used to the long shift, especially those who come to Prague from the Stedo region. But for me, for example, the routes of some of the lines to the land of the metropolis.

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It can easily be said that it is going back to the pre-holiday status that was valid until the end of June. The exception is the area of ​​Kladenska, where access is somewhat limited due to disagreements with the city of Kladno, or in Stochovska, where access is slightly limited due to the municipality’s demand for dream payments for above-standard transport services. At the same time, some lasting changes will start to apply, especially in the Stedo region, comments for denk Metro about some of the changes, according to transport organizer ROPID Filip Drpal.

There are five main route changes for those lines in and around Zbraslav. In Anska and Dolnobeanska, the routes of the lines are changed in order to optimize traffic. Line 761 will start in Velké Popovice, which should provide efficient service to epic and Lojovice.

The roads of the lines in Slavska and Mladoboleslavska and around Kostelka nad Labem will be adjusted, thanks to which problematic places in the road will be removed. There are also buses in Kralupuska, except for Metro Drpal. In Prague, according to him, brand new taxi lines have been introduced and service has been improved in the area around the Petiny and Kajetnka Polyclinics. Thanks to the extension of line 164, until Drpal.

Changes to Horm?
A few days ago, Denk Metro asked people if any changes to the routes would cause them any inconvenience. For example, Jakub Strnsk contacted us. It’s a shame that the main focus is on saving costs and not on the needs of passengers.

It does not take into account the fact that changes in public transport do not have to be cadmium. If you go to the ruins and only to the right of some public transport lines, it doesn’t give the best picture, for me the Strnsk one.

You can find a complete overview of the changes on the ROPID website: You can find all the news here under the heading of news.

The mole season is limited

  • Due to the gossip of the track and the troll, you can go to the short-term wolves during the day.
  • On Sunday the 4th from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., for example, trams from the Na Knec stop to Smchovsk ndra will not run. The following Monday and Tuesday, snowstorms will also take place between Divoká róka and erven Vrch.
  • On Thursday and in the middle, be careful when traveling between Dvorci and Sdlit Modany. More information on the website

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