To eska mf Pentagon Lloyd Austin, it will be about the Sthaek F-35

To eska mf Pentagon Lloyd Austin, it will be about the Sthaek F-35
To eska mf Pentagon Lloyd Austin, it will be about the Sthaek F-35

Austin’s appointment was confirmed by the Department of Defense on Thursday. The topic will be help to Ukraine or the current security situation.

According to the ad, she will meet during the spring work trip of Ernochov to the USA, during which she discussed, among other things, the modernization of the Czech army. The government soon decided that the Czech Republic would start negotiating with the United States about the purchase of two F-35 aircraft. The USA thus decided to donate eight military helicopters to the Czech Army.

The death of American Defense Minister Lloyd Austin is a clear proof that the Czech Republic is perceived as a reliable ally with a clear failed agreement, said ernochov.

Czechia wants to buy 24 modern F-35 aircraft from the USA, the cost will be in the tens of billions of crowns. They will negotiate in the near future. Two years ago, the Ministry of Defense decided to order 12 military helicopters, and the American Army will donate another eight. In the arsenal of Russian Mi-24/35 machines. According to unofficial information, some of them sent her to Ukraine from the Czech Republic. The representatives of the USA at two Czechoslovak countries appreciated the help of Ukraine.

In addition to the modernization of the army, representatives of the ministry are negotiating with their American counterparts about the DCA (Defense Cooperation Agreement) between the Czech Republic and the United States. The DCA treaty must first ensure the eventual operation of American troops on Czech land.

The deployment of Amerian in Estonia alone will not be possible only on the basis of this contract, it would have to be approved by the government and the subsequent parliament, just like at the present time. So far, 24 NATO countries, including Slovakia, have concluded a similar document with the United States.

Nmeck tanks for esko

Czech Republic and Germany were the first to receive the technical details of the donation of 15 German Leopard tanks to the Czech Army. The contract will now be reviewed by the ministers and will then be signed. At the same time, the first tanks are being modified in Germany to meet the needs of Czech troops.

According to two publications of the Czech Ministry of Defense, Germany appreciates how intensively the Czech Republic supports Ukraine with military material. According to available information, Czech Republic also sent T-72 tanks and heavy combat equipment to the countries attacked by Russia.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala agreed with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the beginning of May that German aid would be replaced by donated technology to Ukraine. Defense Minister Jana ernochov announced in May that Germany will donate 15 old Leopard 2A4 tanks to the Czech Republic.

The country has just begun negotiations on the purchase of another 50 state-of-the-art Leopard tanks version 2A7+ of various modifications, which would be delivered to the Czech Republic in five years. The ministry announced that the necessary contract for the donation of German tanks will be concluded in 2015, and the first machines could be delivered to the army by the end of the year.

Nothing stands in the way of the gift of Nmeck spolkov republiky R in the form of 15 Leopard tanks at this time. The first and technical details were finished, said Forsterov. After the negotiation of the contracts for the government, their signature will follow. At the same time, in Germany, the rights of the first tanks are carried out in such a way that they meet the needs of the Army R and compatibility, especially of communication and information systems, is important, she added. The army could receive the first pieces this year.

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