It was destroyed twice by covid, the third time by the economy. There will be no Karlovy Vary Gastrofestival

However, the most recent year took place in the fall of 2019. In the following two years, it was not held due to the covid pandemic, and its supporters will not see it this year either.

“We considered the decision for a long time and, under the pressure of the developments of the last few weeks, finally came to it definitively: we will not organize the Karlovská Gastrofestival this year either,” informed Martina Žáčková from Resort Valachy, which, with the support and participation of other owners of pubs and restaurants in the Lésková Valley in Velké Karlovice, organizes the festival .

The days of the city of Meziříčí start at the weekend. And the program offers a really varied one

Her words were also confirmed by Tomáš Blabla, director of the Karlovské Gastrofestival and general director of the organizing Resort Valachy Velké Karlovice.

“We decided to cancel the traditional gastronomic event, the 12th year of which was supposed to take place in October, after a very complex and thorough decision-making, due to the unstable economic, social and health situation,” explained Blabla.

After covid came price hikes

While in 2020 and 2021, according to him, the holding of the gastrofestival was “only” hampered by the covid pandemic, this year other fundamental reasons were added. In addition to signals that there could be restrictions due to covid again in the fall, substantial economic reasons were added.

“In a situation where energy, fuel and all related services are becoming more expensive, it is not realistic for us to maintain the costs of organizing a gastrofestival at a level that would make economic sense for the event and at the same time allow maintaining the former quality and varied program that the visitors were used to used to,” Blabla explained.

According to him, the complicated situation in society is also added to the above.

“We cannot count on people, burdened by rising energy prices, to be willing to travel to events of our type and spend on food and drink in the autumn, especially as their prices have continued to rise in recent months,” the director said.

Spending by festival goers is crucial

At the same time, visitor spending is essential for the meaningfulness and economy of the Karlovské Gastrofestival. Mainly because there is no entrance fee at the gastrofestival. Given that the program is spread over the vast three and a half kilometer long Lésková mountain valley, it would not even be realistic.

The Vsetín town hall had three parked cars towed away, the costs will be recovered

“Costs for the organization are covered in solidarity only from a percentage of the sales of the participating gastroenterprises and stallholders,” noted Blabla.

According to him, the annual risk of bad weather cannot be ignored, which always fundamentally affects the attendance of the gastrofestival.

“At a time when hotels and restaurants are still recovering from the effects of covid and the energy crisis is starting to affect them, we cannot take these risks,” said Blabla, adding that in the future the organizers will look for other ways to continue the previous tradition of successful gastro action.

In the rest of this year, they want to concentrate on smaller traditional gastronomic events at the Valachy Resort, mainly on the grounds of the Spa Hotel Lanterna, such as tasting evenings with Moravian winemakers, the traditional Night of White Truffles (November 16), St. Martin’s feast or a tasting evening with Ladislav dining etiquette Starling.

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