They catch over a hundred a day. The wave of migrants in the Czech Republic is driven by the situation in Turkey

Last weekend, Deník’s reporter and other train passengers in the town of Podivín passed a sitting group of six men and police beacons at the station pub there. No excitement. The greater pressure of foreigners illegally crossing the border and heading to Germany or other countries of the European Union is literally visible in South Moravia. “In Břeclav alone this Thursday, the police caught dozens of migrants, over a hundred in the entire region,” South Moravian police spokesman Pavel Šváb said shortly after noon.

Car chases

This summer, various stories about the pursuit of traffickers’ cars in the streets are circulating among people in Břeclavsk. “In the past, smugglers have failed to obey the policeman’s call or signal to stop the vehicle,” confirmed Irena Pilařová, the spokeswoman for the police presidium, adding that the patrols solved the cases within the limits of the law.

The police arrested over a hundred migrants in Břeclavsk. Mostly of Syrian origin

Even in hairdressing salons these days, women are talking about conciliatory-looking young refugees caught in the Czech Republic on their anabasis. “They looked calm, they want to go to Germany,” said one of them. Exuberant ideas about possible danger are tamed by both police officers and municipal representatives. “We have not yet recorded an increase in crime in this matter,” informed Břeclav Deputy Mayor Jakub Matuška.

He emphasized the fraudulent behavior of traffickers. “In recent weeks, there has been a significant increase in illegal border crossings, it was also visible in the streets of Břeclav. Traffickers drop their clients across the border, sometimes telling them they are already in Germany and instructing the fugitives to let themselves be caught. Which they do most often by drawing attention to themselves because they don’t know where they are,” he said.

Illegal migrants are increasing in the south of Moravia. Pictured during inspections on the D2 highway in Břeclavsk.Source: Diary/Přemysl Spévák

24/7 emergency line

Police officers go out to “collect” migrants on a large scale based on notifications via the emergency line of the Police of the Czech Republic. “The current increased interceptions of migrants, especially in the area of ​​the Czech-Slovak border in South Moravia and Zlín, but also further inland, are also the result of long-term measures taken by the Police of the Czech Republic near the state border with Slovakia on selected migration routes,” added Presidium spokesperson Pilařová.

The car in which five migrants heading to Germany were hiding.

VIDEO: A man transported migrants along the D1 near Velká Bíteš. He shoved their child into the trunk

Already based on the results of the recent exercise called Morava, the police spoke of a “not very optimistic outlook for the coming months.” Which is confirmed. And the reason for increased illegal migration? According to Deník, the current bad situation in Turkey. “Most of them are Syrians who are leaving Turkey because of the economic crisis and moods in society,” said Deputy Mayor Břeclavi Matuška.

According to the Police Presidium and the Directorate of Foreign Police, the increase in the number of apprehended foreigners reflects the overall trend in the number of detected illegal migrants on the routes of the so-called Western Balkan route, especially the increasing pressure on the border between Serbia and Hungary. “This situation is probably related to the domestic political and economic situation in Turkey,” added Pilařová.

Women and children? Exceptionally

Even before the Morava exercise, police officers increased the frequency of random checks on selected cross-border road and railway routes.

“They will continue with them at least to the same extent. As part of targeted spot checks, police officers use available techniques that allow, for example, to detect the presence of persons hidden in the cargo space of vehicles, to detect possible forged or altered identity documents, or to covertly monitor the movement of vehicles or persons in the area of ​​interest, both during the day and at night,” she explained. Pilarová. The helicopter is also used for tracking people and monitoring.

According to the police, the Morava exercise showed that the number of illegal migrants who are trying to “pass” through our territory to another member state of the European Union, especially to Germany, is enormously high. Within forty-eight hours, the police secured 277 refugees, mostly from Syria. As the police said, there were often large groups of up to 40 young men, aged 18 to 25, and exceptionally women and children. The police also discovered seven traffickers from different countries.

Transit illegal migration

– According to the police, the number of illegal foreigners passing through the Czechia to EU countries is increasing. He talks about a not very optimistic outlook for the coming months.

– While in 2021 a total of 1,330 transit illegal migrants were detected in our territory, this year there were roughly 4,200 already at the end of August.

– 70 percent of cases are continuously detected in the South Moravian Region, 25 percent in the Zlín Region.

– The overwhelming majority are nationals of Syria, followed by Turkey, Afghanistan and India.

– However, it is still true that the Czech Republic is not a destination country for these foreigners, and they almost exclusively do not use the possibility to apply for international protection on our territory.

Source: Police Presidium

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