Election 2023 | General Pavlo advises the new tm expert with the crisis. He is led by ex-governor NB Tma

Election 2023 | General Pavlo advises the new tm expert with the crisis. He is led by ex-governor NB Tma
Election 2023 | General Pavlo advises the new tm expert with the crisis. He is led by ex-governor NB Tma

We have put together a team of experts on topics that are the most fuel for the company today. That is, the economy, energy and the social sphere. In the future, then with the fact that we are an expert on long-term care, said Petr Pavel exclusively for MF DNES.

Economist Zdenk Tma, who served two consecutive terms as governor of NB in ​​2000 and 2010, helped him put the team together. Together with him, Pavlov will be advised by the economist Vladimr Bezdk, the chairman of the board of directors of the investment company AVANT, which previously owned the Slovak insurance company Generali and SOB insurance company. Another member of Pavlov’s team is the sociologist Jan Hartl, who was behind the establishment of the research agency STEM/MARK.

In the campaign, the general will be advised by the current vice-president of the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic Milena Jabrkov, chief economist of Deloitte David Marek, expert on energy security Michal Mare, expert on innovation in energy Jakub Mauch, vice-president of the Association Community Education and an expert on social area Lucie Polkov and partner of macroeconomic consulting company OGResearch David Vvra.

The rd would keep that for the Castle as well

The so-called anti-crisis advisory team will meet regularly with Pavel during the presidential campaign and help him develop proposals and positions on the current, not only energy, crisis. If Pavel were to win the presidential election in January, he would keep the order for the advisory team at the Castle as well.

I would be very happy if they cooperated with me in the future. In the past, I had the opportunity to experience how President Vclav Havel worked with female experts. I watched his meetings with security and defense experts several times. And I have to say that I like the format of a round table, where experts representing a wide range of viewpoints gather and debate a common problem, explained MF DNES, one of the favorites of the presidential election.

Peter Pavl’s advisory team against the crisis:

Zdenek Tma former governor of the Czech National Bank

Vladimir Bezdk chairman of the board of AVANT investments

Jan Hartl founder of the research agency STEM/MARK

Milena Jabrkov vice president of the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic

David Marek chief economist of Deloitte

Michal Mare expert on innovations in energy, head of the research team Laboratory of organic Rankine cycles at BUT UCEEB

Lucia Polkov social expert, co-founder and vice president of the registered community community education association

David Vvra dc partner of the consulting company OGResearch

However, the relationship between Pavel’s collaborator and the experts is still under arrest. We had our first one last week. We discussed whether the state is approaching the inflation and energy crisis with sufficient vigor. What can be done about it, how we are affected by rising energy prices, and what it has done to the economy and people, Pavel revealed.

Vlda has to communicate well

The result of the first meeting of the expert team was not too optimistic. Don’t let it go. Although we are not in an economic crisis, we are watching the end of an energy crisis. According to experts, energy prices will continue to rise, and this will affect both household invoices and the condition of Czech companies. On top of that, inflation will continue to creep in with the foams as well. let’s face it, the government must help people in them and, above all, openly communicate and explain with them, Pavel summed up the points of the first meeting.

According to him, the government should not invent new ways of supporting the household, in which the people are not familiar, but rather it should change the parameters of the current social services in order to help people who really need it. The tools of help are to better communicate with people, to simplify the amount and payment of oban, and to think about the favorable conditions (so that, for example, people do not ask for housing benefit because they managed to save on energy), stand in the expert team available to the Ministry of Finance TODAY .

According to Pavlov’s advisers, however, people do not need to panic. Don’t worry, I won’t be able to heat you in the winter. There may only be short-term crashes, but even that is unlikely. However, heating costs will be high, so it pays to reduce the heating temperature in households. And have a financial reserve ready for arrears, I advise you.

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