Teacher: Kze, dina and drill for pat wheels. d is effective, you can’t just play

Teacher: Kze, dina and drill for pat wheels. d is effective, you can’t just play
Teacher: Kze, dina and drill for pat wheels. d is effective, you can’t just play

In the water of Rozstel, Pavel Bobek thought about what he thinks is the biggest problem of the Czech religion. Our society would need every parent to be able to say that the best bike for his child is the one he is closest to.

bikes can’t just be a game

But we are in a situation where the level is very inconsistent, for example in regions, cities, but also outside the wheel. And as a result of this, among other things, there is also a great rise in the private sector, because the state or the public sector cannot ensure consistent quality, mn cantor.

So let’s think about how what and how he knows will have an impact on his life. Colleagues often brainstormed about how to get rid of the noise so that the children would like it. But let’s not worry about efficiency, warns Bobek.

Just come up with an interesting activity, it will look very nice, let the children run around the class with peppers, but it will take a lot of work and time for the teacher, and it also takes time to explain how. And the question is: Is this the most effective way so that at the end of the lesson the maximum number of children leave with what they know? And that includes those that are often not reached in a hurry? he asked himself.

According to Pavel Bobek, the promotion of the concept of the wheel through play is different for talented children. This approach would put you in a class with the children of yesterday’s diplomats. They leave home with a large amount of knowledge about the world. Veer talk about politics and see a lot of it.

But we can do it in the fields where our wheels are playing or the research wolf can’t be saved. We are in a situation where I can’t even write a sentence thinking about Tonda. It’s nice when the teacher has a good time and organizes similar activities. But for me they are the pinnacle of some hard work, think cantor.

Dina and drill

Uen is simple. Only when children really know something, have knowledge, they will enjoy the game of bicycles. When we went to the planetarium with the children, it was great when they learned something about the planets. And then all of a sudden they were upset about it. And even the weak, who would otherwise be bored there, Bobek remembered.

Or when we were in the Malm prince theater, continues the teacher. And they knew the pbh and were so excited about it. We should turn it around. So don’t play and motivate children with fun. It’s just a pain. We need to motivate the children so that they will learn something and then they will also enjoy free learning.

According to Pavel Bobek, the much-criticized drill to fall into the wheel. According to him, it cannot be overcome by creative methods. There are things that are more effective to know automatically, by heart. As a result, we do not lose this knowledge when searching or deriving, and can, on the contrary, concentrate on complex wheels.

According to the teacher, working memory has a limited capacity, which cannot be effectively restored with things that can be learned by first drill. Of course, we don’t want children to learn something, then put it on a test and forget it. But for example, if you do any complex problems, it’s easy when they will automatically tell you how much 3 times 4 is.

They can, of course, point to the derivation over and over again. But if left alone, it makes the teacher think that the drill is the same as the memory.

British children are educated

Pavel Bobek also spoke about the problems with the tax on the Czech kolkhs. he then compared the Czech situation with that of Great Britain, where he worked on one of the wheels with a very diverse k composition. According to him, d on the wheels is necessary in order not to get lost as. In Britain, the discipline is on the kolch you. Based on the specific experience that England has gone through.

They had many bikes in socially excluded areas and had a lot of problems there. They believed that the first prerequisite for it to be possible to study there at all is that the children know how to behave. You can’t study in a classroom where chairs and tables are everywhere, the cantor noted.

Sousted strives to have a disciple there, describes Pavel Bobek. But don’t force her in any bad way. It’s not that anyone is targeting anyone. Maybe there are rules that are clearly practiced and followed. And that in cooperation with the family.

I’ll remember you, how the whole wheel sat on the kneecap, and when it started, you would have sent the needle falling to the ground, to the teacher.

How do you deal with undisciplined kids in Estonia? Where do teachers make the most mistakes? What should change in the Czech kolkhoz? Should brands collapse? And you know that stuff, don’t you? Pavel Bobek also spoke about this in Rozstel.

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