Customs administration: Excellent Czech-Slovak cooperation on the eastern border

01/09/2022 18:39 | Press Release

The Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic has another successful cooperation with the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, which lent the X-ray inspection system to the Vyšná Nemecké border crossing for one month. The latter assisted the Slovak Republic in customs inspections of trucks entering from Ukraine, thereby contributing to speeding up processes at the eastern border.

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As part of mutual international cooperation between the Slovak Financial Administration and the Czech Customs Administration, a team of Czech experts in special technologies worked at the Vyšná Nemecká border crossing for a month (from 1 August 2022). The Czech mobile inspection scanning system assisted in customs inspections of trucks entering the territory of Slovakia from Ukraine.


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During the mentioned period, the Czech colleagues served 34 work shifts, both day and night, at the border crossing. During this time, they scanned 862 trucks and cooperated with the Slovak financial administration in physical inspections of these vehicles. “I greatly appreciate the cooperation, which was beneficial not only for the state, but also for both institutions in terms of the exchange of experience. I appreciate the deployment of colleagues on the eastern border of the Slovak Republic with Ukraine, where we face new tasks every day, and not only since the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine,” stated Jiří Žežulka, president of the Financial Administration.

“I am very glad that the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic was able to participate in the direct protection of the border of the European Union and the Schengen area. As I verified during my visit to Vyšné Nemecký, the cooperation between the Czech customs officers and members of the Slovak financial administration functioned excellently and cannot be evaluated in any other way than positively. Considering the current international-political situation, in my opinion, it is necessary to further develop and deepen this cooperation, as the protection of the external border of the EU and Schengen is our common interest. We confirmed this fact with the president of the Slovak Financial Administration, Mr. Žežulka, during the meeting that took place during my trip to Slovakia, and I want to clearly declare in this context that I will continue to support close cooperation with my Slovak colleagues in the future,” said the CEO Marek Šimandl of the General Directorate of Customs.

For Czech colleagues, performing service at the external border of the EU is a new experience. They thus had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience and at the same time improve their ability to detect violations of customs regulations that travelers commit by illegally importing goods. In addition, they cooperated in the identification and detection of specially constructed shelters in vehicles and transported commodities. The knowledge and experience gained will also be beneficial for the Czech customs administration, which will be able to use them in the further performance of the service in the Czech Republic.

Both institutions are ready to continue their mutual cooperation, either in the form of joint training and practical exercises, or by directly performing services not only at border crossings with Ukraine, but also in the customs border zone and in the interior of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

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