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Lidovky.cz: Last week, the Association of Regions called on the government to regulate gas and electricity prices for households and companies. In your opinion, is this really the only solution to survive the energy crisis?
At this point I think so. The energy market can no longer be called a market, it is collapsing. After all, he has been very overregulated for a long time. But now that Russia is using gas as a weapon of war, the market is failing completely. If we want to maintain the stability of society, the standard of living, and if Europe and the Czechia do not fundamentally fall with it in the economic performance and competitiveness of companies, there is no other way – we have to put a ceiling on prices. It is naive to think that people or companies are able to buy electricity at current prices. This is simply unrealistic.

Lidovky.cz: But how would you imagine it? And where do we take it?

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