Fight against waste. A Czech family throws away 100 kilograms of food per year

Fight against waste. A Czech family throws away 100 kilograms of food per year
Fight against waste. A Czech family throws away 100 kilograms of food per year

The current period of high energy and food prices will lead many households to save more. And this is definitely necessary, because even in Czech families, food is largely wasted. About 100 kilograms of unused food is wasted per European per year, with a large part of unnecessary waste already generated during harvesting and processing, and other food being thrown away by families, shops and restaurants.

That is why the Save Food organization is coming up with the September against waste challenge, which wants to show how to handle food better so that it doesn’t end up in the trash can. The culmination of the entire campaign will be on September 29, which is the day chosen by the UN in 2020 as the International Day Against Waste.

He who is alone wastes more

There are a lot of tricks and tricks to reduce waste at home, from a more sophisticated shopping system to a better arrangement of ingredients in the fridge to the art of cooking with leftovers. Thanks to this, households can save thousands of crowns. If they join the September challenge and register on the website of the non-profit organization, they will receive several e-mails during September with valuable advice on how to better buy, store and process food.

According to statistics, most of it is wasted in households. This is also confirmed by recent research by the Mendel University in Brno, according to which every resident of Brno throws away an average of 37 kilograms of food per year. For a family of three, this amounts to an incredible hundred kilograms of wasted food per year. Paradoxically, people who live alone are the most wasteful, as they buy more food than they can eat, and it ends up in the bin.

Confusing data on packaging

A lot of food is thrown away also because people don’t understand and differentiate between the terms “use by” and “best before”, so they throw away food that is good because they believe it is expired and unhealthy.

Meat that is free

How to save on food? For example, by going snail hunting at the right time.

In the entire European Union, nine million tons of food are thrown away every year because of the data on food packaging. In doing so, it is often sufficient to engage common sense and senses, unwrap the food, taste it, smell it and decide whether it is still okay or not.

Enchanted fridge

Separate education should also take place on the use of the refrigerator, in which the most food spoils. And often unnecessarily, because we put things in the fridge incorrectly, i.e. in places where they don’t belong, and at the same time we often have a crowded and dirty fridge. In the first case, we don’t see the things that need to be eaten before, and they spoil, in the second case, dirt or mold can contaminate other raw materials.

There are two more important principles when using a refrigerator. The first advises to put new and fresh things at the back, so that one can process raw materials whose shelf life ends earlier. And at the same time, don’t leave the refrigerator door open for a long time, because the temperature inside increases and things spoil faster.

How to cook with leftovers

There are often leftover pieces of cheese and leftover vegetables in the fridge, and hard bread in the pantry, which usually ends up in the bin. But leftovers can also be cooked – and well. Hard bread can be used in salads, for example the famous Italian panzanella salad. It comes from Tuscany and is made from stale bread, toasted in olive oil, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and basil.

And it is also possible to process carrot sticks, broccoli rinds or leftover chicken. A lot of ideas, tricks and recipes for cooking from leftovers are provided by the unique cookbook Save Food in the Kitchen, which was published some time ago by the company Zachraň jídlo.

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The unique cookbook provides recipes for cooking from leftovers.

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