Czechia – Finland 1:2p, quarter-finals of the World Cup. Historic progress and the fight for medals

The Czechs and the Finns met three times in the quarter-finals at the World Championship, each time leaving with their heads hanging. But on Thursday in Frederikshavn, Denmark, they wrote a new chapter in the historical chronicle.

Against the Northerners, they were also in the role of outsiders this time. To give you an idea: the rate for the Czechs to win in regular time fluctuated around the value of 8:1! No wonder. After all, every time out of their 21 participations in the championship, the Finns advanced to the semi-finals and played for medals. They have never lost to the Czech players at the top event.

Until now.

Daniela Pejšová scored the goal of the match in the second period. The Czech defender, who is talking about being nominated for the All-Star team of the tournament, already recorded the eighth point in the fifth duel at the World Cup. The wards of Canadian coach Carly MacLeod could easily lead at the start of the quarterfinals, which they entered extremely actively. The Finns only allowed their first shot on their own goal in the eleventh minute.

However, over time, the pace of the game began to be dictated by the favorite. The Czechs seem to be running out of strength. Noora Tulusová scored the equalizer in the 49th minute. At that moment, the national team conceded for the first time in the tournament in a five-on-five game. From four group matches, he took home a score of 21:2. Thanks to a sovereign victory in the weaker group B, the Czechs avoided the super-favorites from Canada and the USA.

But the players believed in themselves against the Finns. “We have what it takes to win,” was the news from within the team before the start of the match. “We want to be on the podium, we want to win a medal. We can’t do anything less. However, we still have a lot of steps ahead of us to achieve this goal,” coach MacLeodová said in an interview with the newspaper Sport and the website before the start of the championship.

Under her baton, the players have already taken five successive steps. In the extra time of the semi-final, the strong Aneta Tejralová shot. At that moment, the Czechs exploded with joy. The families of the players who were weighing their way to Denmark began to cheer in the stands.

Klára Peslarová, the goalkeeper and main character of the team, performed a fantastic performance. She showed again that she belongs to the absolute top of the world. She supported her teammates in difficult moments. She caught 36 of the total 37 shots and made the semifinals. However, the Czech Republic still has a long way to go to extract the precious metal. On Saturday, they will challenge the USA, the best team in the top group A. The American women also defeated the puffed-up Canada.

In the event of a loss, it is very likely that they will challenge the Swiss women in the duel for bronze, who will try for a miracle against the maple leaf. Even against the USA, however, the Czech representatives are not without a chance. This year’s February Olympics already showed this, where the opponents bravely resisted and still held the score 1:1 at the start of the third period.

“We have to learn to win. I call it the championship mentality, which you get mainly by really winning. That you can prove to yourself that you can keep up with anyone in the world. It’s a big part of the preparation. I believe that the girls understand and understand this. Victory doesn’t just come to you, it doesn’t fall into your lap. You have to learn to grab him, go against him with all your might,” said MacLeod before the tournaments. The task she set for herself and the entire team is being fulfilled.

The Finns will not add a fifteenth to their fourteen medals. The Czechs will be looking for the first one.


Homemade: 48:01. Tulusova

Guests: 37:00. Peišová, 60:41. Tejralova


Homemade: Keisala (Silvonen) – Hiirikoski (C), Savolainen, Rantala, Laitinen, Karjalainen, Parkkonen, Viitasu – Nieminen (A), Karvinen (A), Tapani – Holopainen, Vainikka, Tulus – Nylund, Vesa, Liikala – Vanhanen, Yrjänen, Sundelinová – Rakkolainenová.

Guests: Peslarová (Škodová) – Pejšová, Lásková, Tejralová (A), Horálková, Trnková, Radová – Šapovalivová, Mrázová, Mlýnková – Křízová (A), Hymlárová, Pejzlová – Mills (C), Přibylová, Neubauerová – Erbanová, Sarnovská, Pátková.


Kaylen Hanson (USA), Shauna Neary – Jessica Chartrand (both CAN), Marine Dinant (BEL),


Iscenter Nord, Frederikshavn, Denmark

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