Vildumetzov married the accused in the Dosimeter case. It’s my husband’s name, hey

Vildumetzov married the accused in the Dosimeter case. It’s my husband’s name, hey
Vildumetzov married the accused in the Dosimeter case. It’s my husband’s name, hey

According to information from the server, the Manel Mraks regularly met with businessman Zakara Nemrah, accused in the corruption case of a Prague transport company. He was supposed to follow them to Karlovy Vary, from where the mail was sent.

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives for the ANO movement, Jana Mrakov Vildumetzov, responded on Thursday that the accused Nemrah is his fiancee and she has never had anything more than a social conversation with him.

Named hunter (Zakara Nemrah) is my husband’s name. I only ever saw him in my husband’s presence. I myself have never met him, nor have I done anything with him beyond the scope of a social conversation at the moment of meeting, the politician wrote in an SMS to the editors.

Member of Parliament Jan Mraek owned a company in the field of environment and energy, is a member of the ODS, a member of the board of the R Chamber of Commerce and thus an adviser to the Minister of the Environment Anna Hubkov.

She represented Andrej Babie, the chairman of the ANO movement, who initially denounced the server as disinformation. Mr. Mrakov has a meeting with his husband, so it’s disinformation. Mr. Mrakov took me for granted. His husband got together with that touchy man, that is a function of the ODS, said Babi at a meeting in the House of Representatives, which sat down to the polls on Thursday for a pronounced rudeness of the government.

Mrakov Vildumetzov apologized for the fourth day of the House of Representatives and the ANO parliamentary club due to the isolation caused by the disease covid-19.

According to Alena Schillerov, the head of the ANO parliamentary club, their deputy is just a side product in the fallout. Of course she informed us. We doubt it. She is in quarantine today, she had covid, said Schillerov.

Jureka: She should leave the leadership of the House of Representatives

The opposition ordered the death of Petr Mlejnek, the editor of Civil Divorce, due to his contact with the accused businessman Michal Redl in the same case, who finally did so in the center after several weeks. Now the new government coalition is pushing for YES.

I think that when someone else is removed, Jana Mrakov Vildumetzov should leave the leadership of the House. Will she resign herself, or should he be dismissed, suggested on Twitter the leader of the People’s Party, Marian Jureka.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives for STAN Vra Kovov responded that she does not like speeding up the courts. But if this is true, then the ANO movement should apply the criteria that – as it claims – should apply to everyone, Kovov replied in an SMS to the editor’s question, if Mrakov Vildumetzov should end as the leader of the House of Representatives.

Mlejnka’s resignation will not affect the opposition. Babi wants the end of Rakuan

The Minister of the Interior Vt Rakuan also complained, his end in office was equal to ANO and he was accused of being connected to organized crime.

When the article came out today that Mr. Jana Mrakov Vildumetzov met one of the defendants, I have never seen, met, or telephoned the defendant in this case in person, so I don’t know what kind of organized criminal he is, he declared before the newspaper on Thursday morning to the Rakuan New Year police event.

According to its mayor and member of the parliamentary club, Radim Fialy, the opposition member of the SPD movement wants to familiarize himself with the server’s link as soon as possible. Then let’s evaluate it and make sure to ask (movement YES). It’s bad how it’s vc dleit. If it really has something to do with the case (Dosimeter), let’s ask, she said.

Dosimeter case with the management of the Prague transport company. Not ten people accused the policeman. The first to die in prison was the entrepreneur Zakara Nemrah, or the former deputy of the Prague mayor for STAN, Petr Hlubuek. Politicians YES government movement STAN still criticize, according to them fall into organized crime.

Due to contact with Michal Redl, the other defendant in the Dosimeter case, Minister of Environment Petr Gazdk from STAN died in his position, and Petr Mlejnek resigned from his position in the Department for Foreign Relations and Information. According to the ANO movement, the Minister of the Interior and STAN Vt Rakuan must also leave the government.

Mrakov Vildumetzov is the former governor of the Karlovy Vary region and the former president of the Association of Region R. She is a member of the ANO presidency, holding the position of deputy president of the Chamber of Deputies. In the constitution of the government of the movement, the chair of the Ministry of the Interior is included.

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