Vlek celebrated Fial’s birthday and revealed why Minister Vojtch had died

Vlek celebrated Fial’s birthday and revealed why Minister Vojtch had died
Vlek celebrated Fial’s birthday and revealed why Minister Vojtch had died

This will be celebrated if ANO Andrej Babi, whose birthday is the 2nd, is ten years older than Prime Minister Petar Fial.

I am the ninth, the ninth month in the government of Petr Fiala, and Petr Fiala is my former rector. As rector, he was excellent, he moved the university enormously, and just as it happened here that something must be seen behind a man, so behind him is the minimal campus of Masaryk University. And today is Petr’s birthday, so allow me, it would be an unusual meeting, to wish him all the best for his birthday. He is the hunter I know, said Vek.

And then he turned to the prime minister with a slow ad multos annos, which is Latin for many more years. Fiala was then given a standing ovation by the House of Representatives.

Then Vlek devoted himself to the fact that the deputies moved the polling station by more than two governments at the instigation of ANO and SPD. I completely understand that, I chose the SPD for such a schiz. It’s quite logical. The party is close to Russia, close to the Kremlin, not close to the European Union, said Vlek. It’s a shame that YES went to the polls not two years ago and decided to risk the shame of the Czech Republic, because by the end of the year he will be the president of the European Union.

Hit the troughs, but on a mole, said Babi. It’s all about disruption, drunk Fiala

It’s disappointing for me. I understand that you are the opposition. But I don’t understand that you are willing to connect with him as he is today. Regardless of the fact that you’re going into it with an approach: the flood will follow us or we’ll make a mistake and then we’ll see each other, said Vlek.

The Minister of Health thus once again recommended an anti-covid barrier. He revealed that he is a protection against a dangerous and deadly disease. It’s everyone’s choice whether to go blindfolded or not. I highly recommend it, but I will never do it to anyone, said the Minister of Health.

Surprisingly, he praised the brave Minister of Health for YES, Adam Vojtcha, who had his grandmother removed from the government and who is now the ambassador to Finland. I repeatedly said that he was not a good minister. Why did he die? That’s why he was unable to agree with the prime minister, whether hands in kolch yes or no, Minister Vlek praised ex-minister Vojtcha.

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