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Martin Komárek.
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Martin Komárek.

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Petr Mlejnek recommended himself. Late but still. The government will increase the salaries of civil servants. It will allow heating plants to heat with coal and increase some benefits. And she promised to do something for the poor. Nevertheless, the House will discuss whether Fiala deserves to be trusted. The gunfight behind the pulpit will be full of lies, half-truths and insults from both sides. A normal citizen will take nothing from her.

Luboš Palace

Slovakia is headed for uncertainty. And at the very worst time

Especially since the result is predetermined. Most likely late at night or early in the morning after a flurry of mortars, the coalition will remain intact.

However, the question of trust is possible. Just like Babiš in the time of covid, Fiala is struggling in the energy crisis. Both have an extenuating circumstance. They have faced and are facing something that no one could have imagined. Like when an Alien invades the space crew’s daily routine. But shouldn’t real men grow in hard times instead of whining?

Kateřina Perknerová

Distrust in the government, among people and in oneself

Let’s hope Fiala has a plan and is really “considering all moves”. It doesn’t look like it yet. He and his now super important minister Síkela cannot talk to the people, dispel their fears and give them hope. They will receive trust in the Chamber of Deputies, but to get it back from the citizens, they have to fight harder.

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