Only methane from Rapotno will flow, other biogas cannot do it

Only methane from Rapotno will flow, other biogas cannot do it
Only methane from Rapotno will flow, other biogas cannot do it

There, the boards of biogas stations in the region could produce and supply people with biomethane for heating and heating water. At present, due to the high potential costs, only one station in Rapotn in Umperska is capable of this, which was the only one in the republic to do so.

There are quite a lot of biogas stations not only in our region, but throughout the country, and if only a hundred of them started supplying biomethane to a hundred, then we would not have to worry about the uncertain supply of gas from abroad, said Milada Rakov Mscov, chairwoman of the board of the Chamber of Agriculture in Olomouc.

According to the presidents, biogas stations are one of the reasons why there is a surplus of electricity in the Czech Republic. In the Olomouc region alone, no more than two hundred gigawatt hours of electricity are produced in them each year, and in addition, the amount is much higher depending on the usable heat.

Although all stations produce biogas, they first produce electricity from it and use the rest of the heat for their own needs.

We deliver the electricity to the city and take it back for the operation of the company, even thanks to this, we do not consume health energy. We will use the rest of the heat to heat the piggery or the cowshed, explained Jaroslav Kozrek, for example, the manager of the biogas station in Pten in Prostjovsk.

Even biomethane has become more expensive because of the loss of gas

The only biogas plant in the region that currently delivers biomethane to distribution is the one in Rapotn. Thanks to the sudden jump in gas prices and the threat of bankruptcy, there are still new customers.

The current situation has manifested itself in such a way that it is biomethane that can be consumed and the purchase price has increased, which is positive for us. In addition, it is green gas from a renewable energy source, which is also interesting on the market, wrote Filip Vgner, the representative of Rapotnsk biogas.

It has a current supply of approximately 160 cubic meters of biomethane per hour, in the future the volume should increase due to the wind.

We are now limited by our technologies, that is why we are particularly interested in their capacities. In the framework of the group, which also manages our biogas, in the course of five years, among other things, a biomethane unit will be installed in Vykov, Vgner pedestal.

In order for biogas to become biomethane, it must be removed in a separate plant and then fed into the distribution system.

Special equipment costs tens of millions of crowns, which is why the companies that operate most of the biogas stations cannot afford it.

Natural gas is 98 percent methane, while biogas is only about 60 percent, which is why it can’t be pumped straight into the st. We would have to have a special facility that would treat the gas produced by us, due to its price, we are not thinking about it at the moment, confirms Kozrek.

The problem is that it is also connected to gas pipelines

According to Vgner, there is a larger aspect, why the biogas plant in Rapotn has been the only one in the Czech Republic for several years to supply biomethane.

The decision plays a major role in the rental price of a separate device. In addition to that, there is a lot of nron service and the operation itself, and in addition to that, there is also a rather complex legislation, he summarized.

In addition to the high investment potential and complex operation, the connected biogas for distribution would pose a problem.

Half of the stations are built somewhere in the agricultural center behind the villages and the main gas pipeline line is far from them. We would have to dig the entire route of the new pipeline, and that is not easy, as we would have to take you and the dog across the land, said Rakov Mscov.

Simplifying the administration would also help

Biomethane is suitable. m more of it will flow into the gas pipeline, which means less carbon footprint and less emissions when gas is used in industry, heating or transport, pointed out Martin Schwarz, head of the biomethane section of the CZ Biomesk association for biomass.

The European Union is also dealing with the ecological variant of gas. The latter seeks to weaken the natural gas structure and the production of biomethane.

There is a need to speed up the development of the energy infrastructure and increase the number of biogas stations capable of producing renewable gas. We know from our own experience that the construction and cultivation of biogas for the production of biomethane is difficult not only technologically, but also investment and legislative, pointed out Tom Voltr, executive editor of the EFG group, which also manages the biogas station in Rapotn.

According to Rakov Mscov, the most important thing is to support the state. If he simplified the administration, a number of biogas stations could still think about deliveries to the city. But the legislative processes are so complex that if we don’t get to the bottom of it, the gas crisis will be behind them, i.e.

According to them, a similar situation exists in other countries, where the biogas plant produces only electricity.

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