Residents of the north of Brno are plagued by car noise, but according to road officials, it is within the norm

Residents of the north of Brno are plagued by car noise, but according to road officials, it is within the norm
Residents of the north of Brno are plagued by car noise, but according to road officials, it is within the norm

Recently, some have addressed it directly in person with representatives of the Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD).

State road workers are currently reconstructing the road surface there, which will cost them 126 million crowns without tax. Later, they also plan to replace the noisy bridge closures on the structure above Hapalová Street near the Rechkovice railway station.

However, the locals would like to see them also build new anti-noise walls, which the ŘSD rejects, saying that Hradecká “fits” within the noise limits.

“It should be noted that noise pollution has long been a problem for a number of streets in Rechkovice – Kronova, Gromešova, Bratří Křičků, but also Žitna, Novoměstská and others. An important aspect is also the outlook for the future, when due to the rapid expansion of Kuřimi and also the planned construction in the Řečkovice barracks, we can expect another massive increase in traffic, so the noise will logically increase,” warns the opposition representative of Řečkovice Ondřej Štaud (Association for a healthy Řečkovice).

The current measure by the ŘSD is currently to repair the road surface in the almost four-kilometer section from the intersection with Novoměstská to the Globus hypermarket. The workers started the work at the beginning of July and will finish it in September.

After that, road workers will make a noise control measurement. Whether the measured decibels still “fit” into the applicable standards, they have already found out several times in the past.

“It turned out that the limits are not exceeded. We are not even considering the laying of silent asphalt now, because there is no legal reason for it,” points out the spokeswoman for the ŘSD Lucie Trubelíková.

Similarly, there are currently no additional noise barriers or a reduction in speed to eighty for the next section in the direction of the center of Brno.

One closure is replaced by another

However, road users currently have one more “trump”, which should contribute to the reduction of noise emanating from the busy exit on Svitavy. It will be a replacement of the bridge closures, which they will do separately from the current surface repair.

They will start working on the bridge at the beginning of the year or later next year. At the same time, the work will require the re-limitation of traffic on the busy stretch, which caused a great uproar at the Rechkovice town hall.

Brno suffers from excessive noise, nine out of ten people do not sleep well at night

“The fact that after this year’s closure the ŘSD allows another closure the very next year literally shocked us. We don’t understand why it can’t be done all at once and with one closing. New surface and bridge closures,” says the deputy mayor of Rechkovice, René Černý (ANO), shaking his head. The Řechkovic family wanted to postpone both repairs until next year. Also due to the fact that during the current train lockout on the railway between Brno and Blansko, there is a substitute bus service in Hradecka.

According to Trubelíková, it is impossible to replace the road surface and bridge closures at once during one closure. “It wasn’t allowed by the authorities, colleagues tried to sort it out,” he responds.

Noise from Hradecka has been bothering the locals for a long time, ever since the road was built. The riot is increasing as the municipalities north of Brno grow and the intensity of traffic increases due to drivers commuting to the city. Four years ago, the locals even wrote a petition Stop the noise in Řečkovice, which they handed over to the Ministry of Transport.

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