Call me. Only firefighters or athletes can save elections somewhere

Call me. Only firefighters or athletes can save elections somewhere
Call me. Only firefighters or athletes can save elections somewhere

For example, in Hjch nad Jizerou, the local fire brigade immediately goes to the elections. In Bl, Hrub Skle or in Kobylch, the fire department put up two candidates. In Beneov near Semil, the Czech Tourist Club joined the firefighters and athletes.

Traditional political parties And not only in small towns, but also in cities. For example, in Hrdek nad Nisou, which has a population of seven and a half thousand, it is also decided. Only the group Hrdek needs changes is going to the elections here. The Communists, ANO, the Movement for the Harmonious Development of Municipalities and Cities, the ODS, the SSD or the Party for an Open Society also ran twice here.

In the equally large Frdlant, they have six female candidates to choose from. I was surprised. I was hoping someone would come soon. Don’t feel like I have a full body, that we will win without a fight. But I know that others have a problem with a lack of people, they have no one to put up as candidates, said the mayor of Hrdka and the leader of the only female candidate, Josef Horinka.

It is similar in Vysoky nad Jizerou or Rovensko pod Troskami. Maybe they are satisfied and have no reason to get involved, let it change. Or let him go into politics as such. Of course, it would be better if there was vc on vbr. It is good when the obans are not built before the finished building. But I will not ensure that, said the mayor of Rovenska Jiina Blhov (ODS).

Clear question in 52 cases

The issue of municipal elections is so clear in 52 municipalities and towns in the region, i.e. in one quarter of the total. Voters there are carefully selected for whom to vote for. Don’t have it on vbr. They only get one ballot paper in their mailbox.

There is one candidate for 15 municipalities in Escolips. Who will be the mayor is in Holany, Horn Poli, Chlum, Chotovicch, Kozlech, Lukch, Novy Oldichov, Pertolticch, Polevsk, Radvanec, Skalka u Doks, Svojkov, Tachov, Vrchovany and drci.

In the Liberec district, there is only one candidate in the 16 municipalities of Zdislava, Vlastiboice, imonovice, Sobslavice, Prose pod Jetdem, Mnek, Laany, Lzn Libverda, Krsn Les, Janv Dl, Janovice v Podjetd, Hrdek nad Nisou, Horn asnice, Hemanice, Dlouh Most and tven.

The same number of municipalities, where it is clear about this, is also in Semilska. Only one candidate m Bozkov, Bukovina u ist, Bystr nad Jizerou, Holenice, Jestab v Krkony, Ktov, Louky, Mrov pod Kozkovem, Modiice, Ohrazenice, Rovensko, Roztoky u Semil, Syenov, Troskovice, Ve and Vysok nad Jizerou.

I have no inactive parties and the movement is then in Jabloneck. There, only one candidate can cast their vote in five municipalities, Vlastiboi, Radice, Marovice, Lounica and Jlov.

The most complex trip

On the contrary, voters will have the most choice in the Czech Republic Lp, where 12 parties are running, in second place is Jablonec nad Nisou with 11 groups and Liberec with 10 electoral slips completes the trio.

In the elections this year, there are about seven women’s groups in Pulen, Daleice, Plave, Jindichovice pod Smrkek, Doln asnice, Jestab and Jablonec nad Jizerou. In Raspenav, as the only city, they put up a purely Romani candidate for change.

Hundreds of smaller municipalities are still reaching for the model where individual people run for themselves. What an election trick, it doesn’t matter. day party, day movement. This year it concerns ten municipalities in the region. According to them, it is the fairest model. Whoever has the most votes is the mayor, and stop guessing who will beat him.

The electoral vote in municipal elections is the most complex of all elections in Estonia. The system is very confusing. Voters can cast preferential votes and have the option to vote for candidates of several parties on the ballot, but in practice they cannot vote for candidates individually. The system of polling the vote is very complex, and even in a municipality with a small population, it is unfair, said political scientist Tom Lebeda from the Palacky University in Olomouc.

In order for a candidate to win, he needs 10 percent of the vote, not the average vote of all other candidates of the same electoral party. When individuals run for office, it’s immediately clear who they have the most support for.

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