In the offices of the leading Czech liquor company, it looks like an expensive bar

The employees of Becherovka wanted more expressive and representative offices, which at first glance stand out with interesting elements. They were able to do so after moving to new premises in the Stromovka Center in Prague’s Holešovice. The website of the Czech Architecture Prize 2022 competition presents the result.

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The main bar consists of a single solitary piece with a wooden top and integrated ambient lighting.

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“Cooperation with the brand managers of the individual brands that the company represents and distributes on the Czech market was decisive. They helped us complete the design. In the meeting rooms, employees and visitors come across a colorful concept typical of brands such as Becherovka, Jameson, Beefeater or Havana Club,” architect Jakub Seči from the company CAPEXUS, which designed the premises for the liquor store, described the philosophy of the interior.

She did not avoid atypical furniture, such as a bar-style wooden reception desk or a bar consisting of a single solitary piece with a wooden top and integrated, so-called ambient lighting.

The kitchen has everything a regular diner and cook needs.

The extremely narrow apartment is both a loft and a cottage. There is also the Hussite spirit

One can positively perceive the fact that the offices are mainly equipped with furniture from domestic brands, such as the iconic TON chairs made of solid bent wood.

The layout of the interior is also interesting. “Movable walls make it possible to divide the space in different ways. Coworking zones also support a dynamic work environment,” says Lenka Zavadilová, Back Office Manager at Jan Becher Pernod Ricard.

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