The architects proposed to build a large house in the shape of a lotus in Karlnsk barracks

The architects proposed to build a large house in the shape of a lotus in Karlnsk barracks
The architects proposed to build a large house in the shape of a lotus in Karlnsk barracks

Milo Grigorij Parma, president of the ADO Praha association, proposes a plan for the 75 x 135 meter courtyard, surrounded by austere classicist architecture, in the middle of which a lotus flower will grow, blooming against the flat facades of the castles.

According to him, the lotus would be an independent work of art embedded in the urban landscape with respect and love for harmony with its surroundings.

Kasrna Karln has been in shambles for many years. The Ministry of Defense tried unsuccessfully to sell the building several times, and finally the sprawling complex ended up in the hands of the Ministry of Justice.

It was planned to build Justin’s thumb instead, but the project eventually fell through. Since 2017, it has housed the non-profit organization Prask centrum, which consists of approximately 15 people of various professions and trades.

The neglected space turned into a city full of life, where there is a cafe, cinema, club, gallery, pskovit, fire and much more.

Gentle housing or start-up community

The Karln vak barracks are soon to pass from the property of the hundred to the hands of the capital. This was also confirmed by Jan Chabr (TOP 09) councilor for property management in a recent interview for MF DNES. City barracks shift Bulovka University Hospital, in addition to the school and dm in Hybernsk street 2.

Karln Barracks in June 2017

After revitalization, the historic building of the Kasren can serve as a dormitory for students, a starter home for young families or a home for the elderly. This was confirmed on Twitter by Adam Zbransk, councilor for housing and transparency. Sweat with the house, he wrote.

The founder of the Donio platform Donio, who this year is a new candidate for the STAN movement for the mayor’s office, came up with another proposal to use the monuments to protect the building. He would like to build a start-up center from the barracks, which would make it easier for start-ups to start their businesses.

We have nothing to do with the proposal, claims Prague 8

With two lotus bags, not one of the projects, especially the sweat. In its study, the ADO association describes that an improv classicist park would expand around the lotus, with impressive water elements of fountains and soft water walls falling from petals of the flower.

The floor would be suitable for services in Karlno. A polyclinic could grow here, which is Karlna schz, a mandel, a laundry, repair shops for consumer goods, a bakery, a community center or a wellness center. The floors are usable small-sized apartments for young entrepreneurs in families, in a combination of high-rise housing and dormitory for seniors, according to the architects.

Prague 8, on whose land the barracks are located, distanced itself from the proposal. First, the city itself reported on my vision for the barracks in its Osmika newsletter.

@signalizer M Prague 8 has nothing to do with this idea, no one discussed it with the city officials. The property can be acquired by the capital city of Prague, so the future of the castles (including this idea) will go to the City Hall of Prague.

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Prague 3 representative Matj Michalk aloudek criticized Npad. One could laugh at this without understanding what the qualities of the current space of the castle are. Likewise, not understanding what architecture is and what public space is and what and whom I should serve, he poured himself out on Twitter.

I was born in Karln, where I went for many years. Last fall, I started to grind out a project to save this, essentially the last, imperfectly used block. Karln is a consumer area, not a communicative one, talking about neighborhood relations, the way a municipal building should function in terms of land ties to the center of Prague. That is the main idea of ​​my design, concluded the architect.

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