The new Fabia RS Rally 2 is already licensed to race. The interest in her is huge

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And according to him, it doesn’t matter at all that Škoda Motorsport will demand more money for the new version than before. The price is now approximately 208,000 euros, which is roughly ten thousand euros more than the car produced until recently. The mentioned amount is the price of a car that is already ready for the start in the race, but customers usually also buy additional elements that increase the car’s price by another 20-30 thousand euros. These include, for example, more powerful brakes or elements made of carbon composite instead of serial laminate.

According to the information available to the editors, the reason for the delay in the homologation procedure was not technical problems. We were only waiting for the necessary number of manufactured pieces of the classic “civilian” Fabia in Active equipment, which was chosen as the starting model for conversion into a competition special.

The new Fabia RS is here. It consumes 60 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers

At the Škoda Motorsport factory, which is located not far from the main production plant in Mladá Boleslav, they started working on the construction of the first customer pieces in the meantime. The existing one is not intended for sale. It will be used during various Škoda brand marketing activities.

Parts are also missing for racing machines

But even here, during assembly, they encounter a lack of various necessary parts. At the moment, it is therefore impossible to predict when and where the first new Fabia RS Rally 2 will be presented at the sharp start.

It also depends on which racing team gets the new model first. According to our information, one of the main candidates is the German rally team Toksport, for which WRC world champion Andreas Mikkelsen also competes.

Dealer teams supported by Škoda will certainly show interest in the car in the Czech Republic. Jan Kopecký also works in one of them, who once again defended the title of Czech champion at “Barumka” thanks to the overall victory.

Fabia Rally2 evo accelerates in the new year. Even in the last year of her life, they improved her

The new rally Fabia differs significantly from the previous one in terms of technology as well. For example, it has a brand new unit under the hood, which is derived from the one in the Octavia RS. It is capable of delivering 214 kW (289 horsepower). The torque reaches a value of 430 Newton meters.

The advantage for the crew is more space in the cabin, which, on the other hand, also made it possible to increase the deformation zones, which play a very important role in the event of an accident. The car is also supposed to have significantly more downforce, a longer wheelbase will calm the rear part while driving the car on the track.

For the second year already, Škoda is traveling around the European competitions of the World Championship series and also, understandably, around the places where the European Championship companies drive, with a special service truck. It stores practically all the spare parts that the mechanics in the service area may need for maintenance.

Rims are among the most requested parts, but they also have a complete gearbox, a large number of bumpers, wheel arches and a complete assortment of common and special fasteners. Each competition they sell parts for many tens of thousands of euros.

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