Fial’s government resisted the opposition’s no-confidence motion

Fial’s government resisted the opposition’s no-confidence motion
Fial’s government resisted the opposition’s no-confidence motion

Prague – The coalition government of Petr Fiala (ODS) resisted the first opposition attempt to topple it in the House of Representatives today. The cabinet will thus continue to govern the country with the confidence of the lower house. The vote of no confidence was triggered by the opposition movement ANO with the support of the SPD due to the affair surrounding the already former director of civil intelligence, Petr Mlejenko, and the government’s progress in dealing with the energy crisis in particular. The vote took place roughly eight months after the appointment of the ODS, STAN, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and Pirátů cabinet. The debate lasted continuously for 22 hours.

84 members of the opposition voted for the vote of no confidence, at least 101 votes were required. As expected, the proposal was supported by ANO and SPD MPs. The 100 present legislators of the five coalition parties spoke against the vote of no confidence. The other 16 MPs were excused, eight each from the government and the opposition camp.

Deputies voted by name from the drawn member of the lower house, which became Libor Turek from the ODS. During the voting, it was found that TOP 09 deputy Martina Lisová acquired the surname Ochodnická by marriage, which was not recorded in the original documents. Ochodnická therefore had to repeat the vote under a new name.

Eight members of ANO did not participate in the vote, including the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Jana Mračková Vildumetzová. Five members of the KDU-ČSL, including vice-chairman Jan Bartošek, two members of STAN and the chairman of the parliamentary economic committee Ivan Adamec (ODS) were conspicuously absent from the government parties.

ANO representatives previously promised that they would not attempt to express no confidence in the government during the Czech presidency of the Council of the European Union. However, according to the leader of the movement and former prime minister Andrej Babiš, the situation has changed. Fiala responded that Babiš was trying to cover up his own problems. The accused ANO chairman objected to this and said that he was looking forward to the trial in the Čapí hnízdo subsidy case.

Out of the 17 attempts to express no confidence in the government so far, only one succeeded in March 2009. During the vote on the government of Mirko Topolánek (ODS) during the Czech Presidency of the EU, four coalition MPs joined the opposition, so it received the necessary 101 votes. In the last election period, Babiš’s minority cabinet of ANO and ČSSD withstood three attempts to overthrow him.

House of no confidence in the government

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