A third of the buses have advertising, none with a sign through the window. The interested party will pay over three million crowns

Do you happen to have an extra three and a half million crowns? If so, then you can be among those seriously interested in renting advertising space on Prague buses. The transport company is now looking for them through a demand management, which concerns exactly three hundred vehicles. According to the carrier’s spokesperson Aneta Řehková, the only criterion for the tender is the just-mentioned amount of the price for the rental of all areas per year, which amounts to three million and 370 thousand crowns.

Offers by mail or in person
“The deadline for submitting bids is September 22. With this step, we are following up on previous successful procedures for renting advertising space on our property. For buses, this is already the third. The subject of the new tender is the rental of designated external advertising areas on 150 buses of the SOR NB 12 type and 150 articulated buses of the SOR NB 18 type, i.e. less than 25 percent of our buses,” Řehková tells Metro.

According to her, the management is therefore in accordance with the valid Quality Standards of the Prague Integrated Transport (PID), which allow advertising on a maximum of thirty percent of the vehicle fleet. “Offers can be submitted by mail to the address of our headquarters, or in person at the mail office. With the new tenant who offers the highest price, the transport company will then conclude a contract for three years with the possibility of using the option for another three,” adds Řehková.

Passengers can see through the windows
However, the lessee will not have much free hand when placing advertising on the buses. Its bible will be the so-called Advertising Code issued by the Advertising Council, the already mentioned PID Quality Standards and other binding legal regulations. Advertising messages are also now not allowed to interfere with window spaces.

“This approach has already proven itself in previous tenders, the advertising proposals are more creative and at the same time the comfort of passengers and their safety is preserved,” says Řehková.

The largest Prague carrier last completed a similar demand management at the turn of last year and this year. At that time, it was a matter of renting advertising space on the external surfaces of trams of the 15T type. According to the director of the transport company and the chairman of the board of directors, Petr Witowski, thanks to him, the carrier received from the new tenant three times more on average than the previous company RENCAR from the JCDecaux group paid for renting space for 150 vehicles. It ran advertising on seven hundred trams for twenty years, specifically between 1997 and 2017. “The market has clearly shown the true value of advertising space in our property. Our long-term strategy is to work with him as efficiently as possible. In addition, we want to make better use of market opportunities, increase income from potential advertising space and simply have a larger share of resources from our own business activities and thus put less of a burden on the budget of the capital city of Prague,” explains Witowski.

According to him, the effectiveness of the current strategy of renting advertising space on the property of the transport company is also confirmed by the total annual income from this activity.

“While in 2016 the Prague transport company received less than fifty million crowns based on an invalid contract with RENCAR, this year thanks to contracts with new tenants we expect revenues exceeding 170 million crowns. In addition, for only about a third of the advertising space. Ultimately, we also contribute to the reduction of advertising smog in Prague,” concludes Witowski.

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