The government ignores us, scares the press of a community desperate for rocket health energy

The government ignores us, scares the press of a community desperate for rocket health energy
The government ignores us, scares the press of a community desperate for rocket health energy

Municipalities worry that they will have to limit planned investments due to high energy prices. Some municipalities will also have to avoid bnm traffic, the association of municipalities said.

The situation is very bad and after a new hand I have to be critical. On New Year’s Eve, the municipality completed the energy price ceiling. The question of the performance of the public administration, employment and other things is about to collapse. The threat of many activities such as hoops or sports activities. But let’s not wait for someone to help us, we have been dealing with this issue for a long time. There is also a need for steps on the part of the state, Lukl said at the press conference.

The Union of Cities and Municipalities insists that an amendment to the Energy Act be negotiated. The union also wants municipalities to have guaranteed energy supplies through a local merchant or in another form. He wants to raise energy prices.

The summary appeal to the government is – let’s sit down, act as a partner and understand the energy crisis so that we can realize those ideas right away, added Lukl.

According to Miroslav Benko, mayor of Olomouc and mayor of the Association of Cities and Communities R, the crisis would result in disputes. In the first place, it would go into investments, which have been in full swing for some time. In other cases, it will be superfluous, but for us, services such as various sports and leisure facilities are important. The first is public services and transport services, and the last is a bicycle and other long-haul equipment. If there is no change, this fate is imminent for many municipalities, said Bnek.

Unfortunately, the response is not adequate, it is necessary to realize that we are on the verge of a communal analogy. the mayor does not want to leave his office in a bad state and uncertain about what the winter will look like. So let’s act, let’s set the rules, Pavel Drahovzal, mayor of the union and mayor of Velkho Oseka, appealed to the government.

Rising energy and fuel prices have a hard impact on general budgets as well. Municipalities and cities, which during the covid crisis and in the period after the fall of Bohemia Energy, spent a lot of personnel, time and financial resources to help the population and the hellish situation, are now experiencing the crowning glory themselves, through the union on their website.

The effects of the energy crisis lead many municipalities to consider limited heating and lighting of public buildings and spaces, and current conditions threaten to radically limit investment opportunities for self-management, add. Most of the domestic cities and municipalities are the drivers of regional development. In 2020, general contracts accounted for almost 20 percent of all public contracts in Estonia, the union specified.

If there are radical restrictions on municipal and municipal investments, the negative effects will not only be limited to the slowing down or even stopping of municipal investment, but will also have an impact on the income of local entrepreneurs and thus also on family budgets, warns the mayor of SMO R and the mayor of Velk Osek Pavel Drahovzal.

The Union of Cities and Communities R has therefore repeatedly called on government officials to help the cities and communities, as they have shown extraordinary strength in helping each other and provided the state with the maximum amount of aid available and now expect the same approach from the state.

Therefore, we invite the state representatives to keep in mind the situation of our cities and municipalities, as well as artisans and small companies, for whom general orders represent a serious business complication. In this regard, SMO R is prepared to negotiate with government officials and be assisted in finding an adequate form of support. The interests of our municipalities and their residents are an absolute priority for the union, said Miroslav bnek, chairman of the SMO R and mayor of the city of Olomouc.

We sent an e-mail asking for their experience with the current situation on the energy market to the chairman of the SMO R and the mayor of the city of Kyjov, Frantiek Lukl. Saw the direction of the answer, where the mayors are described as a rocket guard, which they are unable to accept without radical disputes on the side of not only investments, but also the normal operation of the city and the village.

We do not want to figuratively hold the state treasury in such a situation, our notes and proposals are guided by a sincere effort to make the current unpleasant situation beautiful, the message of security for the land and its overall development, concludes Vlastimil Picek, mayor of SMO R and mayor of the city of Brands nad Labem-Star Boleslav.

The Union of Towns and Municipalities unites 2,777 municipalities in the Czech Republic, i.e. 44.29 percent of the total number of municipalities in the Czech Republic. Lensk municipality represents a dog of 8.5 million inhabitants of the country.

A new market model for electronics

Due to the sharp rise in electricity prices, the European Commission is preparing a crisis response and system reform of the market, Commission President Ursula von der Leyenov announced on Monday at the Bledsk strategic frum conference in Slovenia. We need a new market model for electronics that really works, she added. But she did not specify the planned changes.

We are therefore promoting the possibility of separating the price of gas from the formation of electricity prices on a pan-European level. Such a method would be different and significantly cheaper.

Since last week, when we drank with this initiative, the price of electronics has dropped by half.

2nd of 2022 at 8:58 pspvek archived: 2nd of 2022 at 9:47

So the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Skela hled inn een. The government promised to compensate companies. We will compensate up to 30 percent of the costs for normal companies, and up to 50 percent for energy-intensive operations, and up to 70 percent of the costs for small energy-intensive operations, said one Skela government after the meeting. A specific proposal will be brought to one cabinet in the course of z.

As of the 5th, his ministry has declared a state of emergency in the heating industry, which allows for the use of other fuels than natural gas.

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