We wouldn’t allow ourselves to do that, to threaten the republic. Those weapons are no longer counted. But they help the Ukrainians

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By arming Ukraine, which faces Russian aggression, the Czechia strengthens its security, Brigadier General Karel Řehka and Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) agree. At the same time, they deny that this would reduce our country’s ability to defend itself. According to the minister, the Czechia supplies the Ukrainian army with unnecessary material, which is no longer counted on.

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The supply of weapons, especially heavy military equipment, is a hot political topic for Ukraine. There is often speculation in the public space as to whether, at the expense of such aid, the Czech army is still capable of defending our entire territory if necessary, if it had to hypothetically face an attack by another country.

General Karel Řehka came up with a statement intended to reassure Czech political representatives and citizens. He recalled that we ensure our own security with the help of Ukraine: “We strengthen our security with military assistance to Ukraine. We help stop the aggressor,” he states.

He saw with his own eyes that military aid makes sense in the war zone in Ukraine: “I personally saw the effectiveness of our aid during my trip to Ukraine,” he added.

According to Řehka, the defense capability of the Czech Republic will not suffer as a result. “This does not diminish our ability to defend the country. I would never allow that!” he emphasized.

His words were subsequently confirmed by Minister Černochová with the following words: “Neither the general nor I will ever jeopardize the ability to defend the Czech Republic. Never!” the minister assures Czech citizens.

According to Černochová, we are helping Ukraine with military material that is no longer needed for our country and is not included in the defense plans.

Former Minister of Defense Lubomír Metnar, who is the current chairman of the House Committee on Defense, repeatedly asked Minister Černochová to at least present to deputies from selected committees a list of military equipment donated to Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

However, Černochová did not want to share the details for a long time, citing the fact that she did not want to endanger the security of our country and thus facilitate the work of the Russian intelligence services. She subsequently promised to provide the information to the House Committee on Defense and the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security when authorized by the government to do so.

In the course of the war in Ukraine, information about the weapons that the Czechia has supplied to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion is gradually becoming public. Photos of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles loaded on wagons and intended for transport to Ukraine have appeared. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin also let it be known in recent weeks that the Czechia donated not only tanks and missile systems, but also legendary Mi-24 combat helicopters to the Ukrainian army.

According to the defense minister’s latest statement, the Czech government provided military equipment to Ukraine for more than 3.5 billion crowns by the end of May, and further deliveries worth at least 600 to 700 million crowns were to follow from then on. The Ukrainian embassy also bought material and equipment from Czech armorers for more than 1 billion crowns collected in a public collection. The Czech government then helped her with transport to Ukraine.

The minister refused to publish the list of weapons, referring to the fact that it is a matter for the Ukrainian embassy.

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