PRAGUE ART WEEK 22 starts next week. What can you look forward to and what not to miss?

The ceremonial opening associated with the announcement of the competition for the best NFT, organized by the Artefin gallery, will take place on September 9 from 5 p.m. on the piazzetta of the New Stage of the National Theatre, where the festival center, the so-called Super studio. There, from Monday 12 September to Thursday 15 September from 18.00, lectures, discussions and masterclasses will take place, during which recognized foreign and Czech guests will perform, and visitors will thus get to know the work of important art historians, curators, artists, but also patrons of art or directors of art institutions. You can look forward to, for example, photographer Maria Tomanová and curator and art historian Thomas Beachdel from New York, Ukrainian gallerist Maryna Shcherbenko, theorist and researcher Céline Sabari Poizat from Paris, or Czech artist Kryštof Kintera. The theme of the discussions and lectures is “NET” – a theme articulating the network of relationships and collaboration that connects the entire art industry.

Marie Tomanová. Photo: Prague Art Week

Use the festival weekend to visit large institutions

During the weekend, it is worth visiting large institutions, such as the National Gallery, the Prague City Gallery, the Kunsthalle Prague, the Prague City Museum or the Museum of Applied Arts, which offer discounted or free admission on certain days or during the weekend. All information can be found on the festival’s website or in the catalogue, which you can purchase in the Superstudio on the Nové scéná during the festival opening.

Biennale In the Matter of Art, Gallery of the Capital City of Prague. Photo: Prague Art Week

Havrlant Art Collection to be seen live for the first time

You should definitely take advantage of the very first opportunity to look into the Czech private Havrlant Art Collection, through the group exhibition called HAC #1 in the Pragovka gallery. “The collection of Mr. and Mrs. Havrlant combines the support of young artists and represents the latest, youngest and best art of Central and Eastern Europe. For many visitors, this collection can be an inspiration not only in how to approach collecting and philanthropy, but also give an insight into what tendencies in contemporary art are currently resonating and which authors from Czech artists are on the way to success on the international scene. The collection is provided by the great curator Ján Gajdušek, who provides just this insight,” comments PAW festival director Lenka Bakešová on the significance of the collection.

SUMO Prague: Look under the hood of foreign collaboration in the arts

You can also visit the SUMO Prague art show and see several exhibitions focused on foreign cooperation with gallerists and artists from Germany, Denmark, Greenland, Japan, France or Turkey. The Biennale Regarding Art, which GHMP organizes together with, is taking place in three locations, and which is almost therapeutically devoted to the relations between gender, race, class, sexuality and geopolitics. The festival organizers also emphasize that the festival is based on gender equalityand they also recommend individual exhibitions of female artists, for example the exhibition of Ester Knapová in the Prám gallery, the exhibition of Alžběta Krňanská in the City Surfer Office gallery or the Blau exhibition of Barbora Valášková in the Hybernská Campus, where on Sundays you can also look forward to a music lounge, street food and an accompanying afterparty DJs group Sady collective.

Barbora Valášková, Hybernská Campus. Photo: Prague Art Week

At art week not only for exhibitions

In addition to the lectures in the festival Superstudio, the gallery will also offer a diverse accompanying and educational program during the festival week. You can meet artists and curators during guided tours or be inspired by discussions and workshops. For example, in the Gallery of the City of Prague, in addition to the guided tours of the exhibition, there will also be a debate entitled Care devices for user-appealing forms of post-media art, while in the MeetFactory gallery you can take part in an experiential symposium during the weekend entitled Discovering a different knowledge focused on topics that currently resonate with contemporary arts and social sciences. On Sunday, it is also definitely worth going to the Artefin gallery in Měšice near Prague and visiting the ARTEX company Open Day, during which you will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the unique depositories intended for the storage of works of art.

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Photo: Prague Art Week

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