Children’s medicines are missing from the shops. Don’t hold back, challenge the clown

Children’s medicines are missing from the shops. Don’t hold back, challenge the clown
Children’s medicines are missing from the shops. Don’t hold back, challenge the clown

Some of the parents have taken care of her alone in the last few weeks. There was no medicine available in their pharmacy that would relieve the children from the various pains of chicken pox and other infections. In esku, these medications have a failure.

The reason for the failure of these drug products is persistent production problems (for the Nurofen product) and capacity and distribution reasons, for example for the Ibalgin Baby product, Klra Brunclkov, spokeswoman for the State Department of Drug Control, said on Thursday for Seznam Prvvy. She did not respond to questions sent by about the specific drugs and when they will be available.

Michaela Baantov, the spokeswoman for the Czech Chamber of Commerce, told that she ran out of incidents during the year. Some dairies, however, have both syrup and powder in stock. There is no such thing as a complete shortage, Baantov pointed out.

Information on when the supply of specific paints to the laundries will be resumed, but the laundries chamber does not. According to the Baants, there are no pharmacists who always consult them with drug failures, and they also advise parents who want to administer ibuprofen preparations for their children.

For example, children weighing 20 kilograms or more can use tablets containing 200 mg of ibuprofen, or paracetamol preparations can be used instead of ibuprofen for pain and temperature, she added. Baantov made it so expensive so that people do not have too much stock in the house of the pharmacist, when the drug is not urgently needed. In such a case, these preparations could really be missing for children who are acutely ill, she added for

There may have been a failure of the supply of other items

Dr. Max Michal Petrov. We will only sell what was in stock in the stores. Lokln is therefore somewhere to have a meme, but definitely not a full crop. We sold out of these coats on the e-shop, said Petrov.

At the same time, he added that this levy began to be purchased in large quantities, when medical packages for Ukraine were being assembled. The manufacturer may have had a failure in the supply of other products, because the distribution network has been disrupted since covid, but I cannot speak for the manufacturer, who is not under them. But they told me at first that they don’t have a different flag, he explained.

Petrov told that, according to the latest information, supplies should be resumed in January. But we can make syrups and laboratory packs. When the oils are not on the market, we can prepare them in laboratories. It’s not as if these children were left out of the heat. Only individual preparation is loaded and put to work, added Petrov.

For example, the Kromsk hospital’s pharmacy has started preparing children’s pills against fever and pain. The preparation for children in the nursery will last until that time, but supplies will not be renewed again.

A few weeks ago, the manufacturer of children’s bags containing ibuprofen faced a breakdown in the production area. The number of medicines, which are different for pain and fever, rapidly decreased to zero, therefore the Kromsk hospital pharmacy responds to the situation individually by preparing this medicinal form, that is, with an ibuprofen content of 60 mg for children from 1 month to two years of age and 125 mg, which are designed for children from the age of two, said Veronika Slamnov, spokeswoman for the Kromsk hospital.

The hospital’s pharmacy has long-term attention to monitoring the incidence in the liver area. We always try to secure a sufficient supply of cheap drugs for our patients. If the preparation cannot be found, we strive to find a suitable alternative, and this will be the offer of a similar mass-produced preparation, or in the form of an individual preparation, as in the case of nurofen powders, explained TK head of the pharmacy Iva Lehlov. According to them, there is also the possibility of arresting illegal importation of unregistered livres from abroad. The Lkrna Kromsk hospital, for example, was preparing disinfection to stop the coronavirus epidemic.

Do not give children tablets for adults also confirmed that it was missing. Nurofen tablets, Nurofen Junior orange syrup, etc. are also unavailable. The long-term unavailability of this drug forces mothers to go to the store in the pharmacy, to cut and crush ibuprofen tablets for adults, which is decidedly not ideal, said the pharmacist and the coordinator of the online consultation at Pavel Horkov. has issued several recommendations on what to do, when the child is sick, and in the house of the Lkrna, the baby’s medicine for mistakes. Avoid expired medicine left over from the last illness at home. Expired lk ​​must not be taken in, Horkov pointed out.

She thus advised that it is appropriate to buy an adequate replacement at the drug store in the absence of the drug. Paracetamol-containing preparations are equally effective for pain and fever, the nurse recommended.

On the contrary, he does not recommend, for example, sharing a tablet of oil with the same other product, which is intended for adults. The crushed tablet has a deadly smell for children, it is easy for children to spit it out. After giving birth, he is not able to say for sure how many other babies the child has taken, added Horkov.

According to the available data of the company, it is evident that they reacted quickly to the situation with missing medicines for children and took the stores by storm. At the end of August, the sale of this drug increased sharply. Nurofen Junior suspension in Pomeranians has jumped in sales by about 100 percent in the last month.

The same goes for ibuprofen pills for children. Sales have doubled in the last month. According to the data, it is evident that sales are shifting to items that are still available. According to the information available to, the first drug for children with a different grade of ibuprofen should be available again in the course of the second drug for children, which the supplier will gradually stock until November.

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