Bees are thriving in Prague: Over the past three years, 1,000 bee colonies have increased, rooftop hives are buzzing


There are more than 800 beekeepers in Prague who keep almost 6,500 bee colonies. Over the past three years, there have been approximately 1,000 bees in the capital. Most often, people keep bees in older family homes, for example in Troja, Libni and Dejvice. So-called rooftop beekeeping is also appearing in cities. The Rooftop Beekeepers Club estimates that approximately 50 companies and public institutions keep bees on the roofs of their residences, of which 16 are in Prague. The State Veterinary Administration (SVS) informed about this in a press release.

The Veterinary Administration has been keeping bees on the roof of its headquarters in Prague’s Vinohrady for five years and, in cooperation with the State Veterinary Institute Prague (SVÚ), is investigating whether honey from “veterinary bees” meets all the parameters set by the decree of the Ministry of Agriculture. “The presence of heavy metals and pesticide residues was not detected in the honey,” said Jan Rosmus from the chemistry department of the SVÚ Prague. Laboratory tests turned out the same as in 2019.

The Veterinary Administration’s Roof Bee Project it is intended to serve research and educational purposes. This year, approximately 70 kilograms of honey were produced. The Prague municipality or the National Agricultural Museum on Letná also keep bees on the roof of their building on Mariánské náměstí.

Last year, according to data from the Czech Statistical Office, 6,086 tons of honey were produced in the Czech Republic from 661,000 bee colonies. In the Czech Republic, there is a long-term average of eight bee colonies per square kilometer and the number of bee colonies is not decreasing.

Bees have settled on the roof of the reservoir in Flora

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