Panasonic invests billions in the production of heat pumps in Pilsen

Panasonic invests billions in the production of heat pumps in Pilsen
Panasonic invests billions in the production of heat pumps in Pilsen

The intention was published by the company’s management. According to the general manager of the Panasonic plant in Pilsen, Radek Vacha, the company has been preparing this project for a long time. In April of this year, it definitively ended the production of televisions in Pilsen.

“Now we are adjusting the capacity to meet the huge demand, which is growing not only because of the green deal, but also because of the situation around gas and the Ukrainian war. The goal is to increase the production of heat pumps to 500,000 units by the end of fiscal year 2025,” confirmed Vach.

Production of indoor heat pump units began in Pilsen in October 2018 with the aim of producing 40,000 pumps per year.

The reason for the end of TV production was the declining demand, which had been evident for several years. In the spring, the plant laid off over 300 regular and around 500 agency workers.

Up to 500,000 units of heat pumps per year

Currently, around 900 people work here, with the expansion of production, the plant will need more people, but according to Vach, it is not yet possible to say how many employees there will be in the end.

“However, we say that the employees here now have permanent job security for decades to come,” stated Vach, adding that further growth is expected.

Panasonic started production of A2W indoor units at its Panasonic AVC Networks Czech plant in Pilsen in 2018. Air-to-water (A2W) heat pumps, which collect and use heat from the air, emit less CO2 than conventional combustion heaters using fossil fuels.

The demand for these ecological heating systems on the European market is growing. As reported by Panasonic Corporation, there is currently a rapid shift in energy sources in Europe that reduces gas and other fossil fuels while enabling greater electrification.

The investment will enable the Plzeň plant to start production of outdoor units in the next fiscal year, in addition to the already produced indoor units.

According to the manufacturer, the Panasonic A2W heat pump system is characterized by unique technology that allows heaters to maintain their heating performance even at low outdoor temperatures.

Panasonic AVC Networks Czech opened a TV factory in Borské polí in Pilsen in 1997. At that time, it was the first strong and well-known Japanese investor to open the doors to other Japanese companies in the Czech Republic.

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