The Czechia has started negotiations with Sweden on the acquisition of CV90 military vehicles

The Czechia has started negotiations with Sweden on the acquisition of CV90 military vehicles
The Czechia has started negotiations with Sweden on the acquisition of CV90 military vehicles

Prague – The Czech Republic has started negotiations with representatives of the Swedish government on the planned acquisition of CV90 infantry fighting vehicles for the Czech army. The Czech representatives handed over the technical requirements of the requested vehicles to the Swedes. ČTK was informed by the press department of the Czech Ministry of Defense today.

The meeting started on Thursday and continued today. The areas that will be discussed further were determined during it. The ministry stated that the Swedish side promised to deliver a complete production plan that would enable maximum involvement of the Czech industry.

According to Deputy Defense Minister František Šulce, the alliance’s requirements for the NATO heavy brigade, which the Czech army must assemble by 2026, have not changed. “So of course what we want from the infantry tracked combat vehicles is similar to what we’ve had before,” he said. Only the requirement for information and communication systems has changed. “The original specification is several years old and this technique changes the fastest,” explained Šulc, who leads the negotiation team.

The ministry stated that further negotiations will be held on the involvement of Czech industry, including the state-owned enterprise VOP CZ, in production and in ensuring the life cycle and security of supplies. “At the same time, negotiations are taking place with the Slovak Republic on cooperation, for example, in training and logistical security,” the office noted. Slovakia also decided some time ago to buy CV90 for its army.

The government decided in mid-July to start negotiations on the acquisition of Swedish CV90 vehicles from BAE Systems through an intergovernmental agreement. The Czech army requires 210 vehicles in several modifications.

The previous tender, which was canceled in July after many years of delay, had an estimated value of about 51.5 billion crowns. The tender process was suspended from the end of last year by the then government, as the tenders submitted did not meet the army’s requirements. At the end of June, the Ministry sent the three participants of the tender new conditions of the tender, but two of the three participants did not agree with the conditions.

At the end of August, the Czech Republic and Slovakia concluded an agreement through the defense ministers, according to which they will cooperate in the purchase of the CV90. They promise, for example, a lower price for purchased equipment or the involvement of Czech and Slovak companies in repairs and the production of spare parts.

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