Statistics: Central Bohemian women decide to have a child two years earlier than women in Prague

Statistics: Central Bohemian women decide to have a child two years earlier than women in Prague
Statistics: Central Bohemian women decide to have a child two years earlier than women in Prague

A baby was born to 82 women aged 45 and over in Prague last year. If compared to the previous year their number increased by 12, looking back a decade the difference is significantly more visible. In 2012, there were only 26 mothers in the metropolis at this age, when even the role of grandmother could come into play. A year later, even only the 20th jump increase came from 2018, when their number rose from 36 to 66 year-on-year. At the opposite end of the age spectrum, one could also count on the fingers, and that for the entire ten-year period under review. From 2012 to last year, statisticians recorded a total of five girls aged 14 or younger who gave birth in the metropolis – in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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The average age of a Prague mother at the birth of a child has been rising slightly recently; annually by roughly a tenth of a year. Last year, this value stopped at 32.8 years. However, more visible within the monitored ten-year period is that women decide on the motherhood role later: this is shown by the average age of the mother at the birth of the first child: last year it was 31.7 years, while in 2012 it was 30.8 years.

More children of younger mothers

In the more populous Central Bohemia, 53 women in the age category 45+ had a baby last year; with a year-on-year increase in their number of 15. From a long-term perspective, there are fewer of these mothers here than in Prague and greater fluctuations between individual years; in 2012, there were only 14 of them. Last year, statistics did not record a single mother under the age of 14 in the region – in the previous nine years, however, there were a total of nine.

The average age of a mother at the birth of a child in the Central Bohemia region reached 31.4 years last year. Here, too, there is a clear gradual increase: in 2012, this average reached 30.7 years. The average age of a woman from secondary school at the birth of her first baby was 29.6 years last year (while in 2012 it was 28.8 years). It is therefore evident that women from Central Bohemia wish to have children about two years earlier than their peers living in Prague – and nothing has changed during the past decade.

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Differences can also be seen in the number of families: while in central Bohemia women gave birth to 508 babies last year as their fourth or second, there were 299 in Prague. The difference was also visible in the case of third children in the order: 1,617 versus 1,317. Prague, on the other hand, with 7,991, had a visible advantage first-born children (6,856 in the Central Bohemian Region).

A total of 14,713 children were born in Prague last year; of which 7483 boys and 7230 girls. There were 15,111 Central Bohemian babies – and here too boys (7754) prevailed over girls (7357). 40.5 percent of children were born out of wedlock in the capital; in Central Bohemia they were 47.3 percent. However, it is often the case that the family lives together – only the partners did not get the “paper” for it.

Mother’s age at birth in 2021

Age range Prague Central Bohemian Region
15-19 years old 93 195
20-24 years old 695 1360
25-29 years old 3260 4426
30-34 years old 6248 5577
35-39 years old 3839 2842
40-44 years old 940 658
45 years and over 82 53

Source: Czech Statistical Office

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