Liberec region – romance with cold water – Hope hidden in the woods

Liberec region – romance with cold water – Hope hidden in the woods
Liberec region – romance with cold water – Hope hidden in the woods

A great tip for an easy, romantic trip is the Naděje dam reservoir, which is located in the deep wooded valley of Hamerského potok below Suchý vrche, about a kilometer and a half north of the village of Naděje and a kilometer south of Horní Světlá.

“The hot summer days are already behind us, so a visit to the dam will rather be the goal of a trip to another technical monument in our region. It won’t be for swimming anymore.” stated Květa Vinklátová, deputy for culture, heritage care and tourism of the Liberec region.

The dam was built in 1938 according to the project of engineer Niklas from Teplice to drive a sawmill in the village of Hamr. Water was brought to the sawmill by an eight kilometer long underground pipeline. The surface area of ​​the water is 1.2 hectares and the surface has an interesting green-blue color in the summer. There are excellent conditions for swimming here, but the water is usually very cold.

The forest road from Naděje leads around the dam to the U Jana crossroads, and on the steep slope of Suché vrch not far from it is the Ledová jeskyně. It was a source of ice for local residents for many years. The cave is an important place for some species of bats. Those interested can get to know their population every September, when the European night with bats takes place at the cave

Traces of medieval glassworks were found in the vicinity of the dam, one of which apparently stood on Forte’s meadow, or Försterwiese, which is now flooded by the dam. Another forest smelter worked sometime around the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries about 1.3 kilometers west of the dam. Charcoal was also burned in the local forests, and the plateaus of ancient miles can still be seen in places. One of them is on the right side of the red-marked road leading to Horní Světlá.

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