Czech Design Week will present the best of Czech creation

Year after year, the Czech Design Week 2022 festival has once again arrived in Prague. The ninth edition is being held in Prague 1 at the Mánes Gallery. It is a design showcase that showcases the creators of the independent scene. It will present the most interesting work of Czech and foreign creators with an emphasis on authenticity and a unique approach. The festival aims to create a platform that will enable the professional and lay public to connect with selected artists. This year, the Czech Design Week mobile application will be held.

Vast spaces

The festival will bring design work from studios and studios to the streets. Through outdoor exhibitions, he wants to attract the general public. The festival will be held on an area of ​​2 thousand square meters. The organizers expect around 8,000 visitors. This year, a total of 100 artists will perform, including professional designers, studios or brands, as well as talented art school students, to whom the festival is trying to give a space to make a name for themselves.

“This year’s edition differs due to a narrower selection of exhibitors as well as collaborations with other events, such as the We”re Next fashion show, which will take place a week later, or the Bratislava platform Virvar, which represents various Czech and Slovak artists, designers and fashion designers,” one of the organizers, Jakub Dulínek, tells Bleska. Among the exhibitors there will also be names such as streetwear designer Jan Černý, or Štefan Sekáč, known for his design vases.

More glass

In view of the rise in energy prices, the organizers decided to provide more space to glassmakers. “This year we also invited more glass designers, as the Czech glass industry is one of the sectors that is most affected by the current energy crisis, which we want to draw attention to as part of the accompanying program,” states Jakub Dulínek. Table glass and vases are presented, for example, by the glass brand Klimchi and the talented designer František Jungvirt, who acts as its creative director.

“We specialize in the production of handmade glass. All products are made of hand-blown glass, which we produce in Kamenické Šenov at the Jílek glass factory. Our glass is specific in that it is not smooth. It includes scratches or drawings in the glass,” describes František Jungvirt. The original production process is behind the uniqueness of the products.

The product is not only placed in a wooden mold, which instills its shape, but also in a metal mold with a drawing containing, for example, lines or a grid, which is affixed to the solidifying glass. “We have developed a lot of new products this year. The brand is moving somewhere. We continue the tradition of optical decors, which we transfer to the present,” he adds. Next week they are also exhibiting in Paris.

Handmade fashion

Another designer from the Czech Design Week event is Linda Retterová with her hand-painted and sewn clothes. “I exhibit my designer clothes. I choose a fabric, which I print or paint myself using different techniques, and then I sew clothes from the fabrics,” explains Linda. Each piece of clothing will only come out in a few pieces, each product is an original. This is how she displays and offers hoodies, t-shirts, socks, fanny packs and even hand-crocheted hats. “Crocheting is like a meditation for me in the evenings. Now I bought very nice mohair materials (textile fiber, editor’s note), which are pleasant to work with and produce,” smiles Linda.

Big evening

As part of the event, on Friday, September 2, 2022, around 9 p.m., the outer walls of the Mánesa building will be made even more special with a video mapping called Expoform prepared by students of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen. Organizers estimate the costs, including rent, to be in the hundreds of thousands. They estimate that the entire festival could cost one million crowns.

Czech Design Week 2022. Jan Dařílek

Products from the Czech Design Week 2022 festival.

Products from the Czech Design Week 2022 festival.

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