Olomouc dropped out of the club of one hundred thousand cities, missing 504 inhabitants

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The number of cities of 100,000 in the Czech Republic fell at the end of last year. Olomouc dropped out of the list that includes Prague, Brno or Ostrava. It only narrowly lost the status of a metropolis of 100,000 people – 504 inhabitants were missing from reaching the limit.

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The Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) informed about this on Friday. By the end of 2021, Prague was the most populous city in the country with 1.28 million inhabitants, while Přebuz, Ore Mountains, had the smallest population, just 77 people.

After the most populous Prague (1.28 million), Brno (379 thousand), Ostrava (280 thousand) and Pilsen (169 thousand) registered the largest population.

“In addition to the mentioned cities, Liberec also had a population of more than one hundred thousand (103 thousand). Compared to the situation in 2020, Olomouc fell out of this group, with 504 inhabitants missing the given limit,” informed CZSO spokesperson Jan Cieslar.

At the end of last year, the Czechia had 608 cities, i.e. municipalities under the jurisdiction of a municipal office or municipality. Štěpánov in Olomouc ranks among them for the shortest time.

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