Confidence in Putin is not falling, polls show

Confidence in Putin is not falling, polls show
Confidence in Putin is not falling, polls show

Not even half a year after the start of the military campaign against Ukraine, the Russians did not begin to turn away from their president. According to the latest polls by two respected Russian research agencies, over 80 percent of Russians support Vladimir Putin.

At the end of August, 83 percent of respondents answered affirmatively to the question of the private analytical center Levada whether they approve or disapprove of the president’s activities, i.e. exactly the same as in the three previous months. 15 percent of respondents spoke against Putin.

Similar results were published by the state research institute VCIOM on Friday. According to his survey, 81 percent of respondents trusted Putin, and 78 percent approved of the president’s actions. In this case too, the changes compared to previous surveys are minimal.

“The numbers suggest that Putin enjoys the authentic support of Russians. Of course, the way he mobilizes society also contributes to this,” Jan Šír from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, who specializes in researching politics in Russia and other former Soviet republics, told Seznam Zprávy.

At the same time, however, he pointed out that in dictatorial regimes polls are less reliable. The data collected has limited predictive value, he says, because there is far more variance between what people say and what they actually think.

“Imagine someone calls you and asks if you support Putin. In a repressive regime, where opposition opinions are spent with novichok, not everyone will simply answer according to their own conscience,” said the political scientist.

In the following period, Putin’s popularity may indirectly be eroded by the protracted fighting and the consequences of the Ukrainian strikes. “Not because Putin lost anything. It will undermine the credibility of the narrative that the Russian regime is presenting. This will show the cracks in the claims about the special military operation, which has been going on for half a year and has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.

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The significantly worse results of other regime politicians or institutions can testify to the fact that the support of the Russian president is durable. For example, at the end of August, according to VCIOM, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin had the trust of about 62 percent of Russians, and former President Dmitry Medvedev just under 37 percent. The preferences of the pro-Putin United Russia party have been hovering around 40 percent for a long time.

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