esko began to negotiate with everyone about new dog armor

esko began to negotiate with everyone about new dog armor
esko began to negotiate with everyone about new dog armor

The specification of information and communication systems has undergone certain changes, because the original specification is several years old and this technology is dying out the fastest, confirmed First Deputy Minister of Defense Frantiek Ulc, who heads the negotiating team.

As he pointed out, the allied requirements for such a NATO brigade have not changed, so the Czech Republic, according to him, will always demand what can be expected from modern canine combat vehicles. That brigade was promised by R to the Allies until 2026.

Because of this, the Czech Republic wants to buy 210 armored vehicles from the old manufacturer BAE systems/Hagglunds. He wants to conclude the contract on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement without a classic tender.

The original company, which the manufacturer, among other things, alienated, was dissolved after many years of struggle and ended up with a contract worth 51 billion crowns. The Ministry of Defense has not yet released information about the new price.

In the last two days, the opening negotiations took place with the representatives of the national government on the possible purchase of CV90 canine combat vehicles by way of an intergovernmental agreement.

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However, the party did not promise to deliver a complete set of products, which could maximally involve the Czech industry, including the state enterprise VOP. The same should be said about this as about the life cycle of armor and the safety of accessories.

The Ministry of Defense also confirmed that it is currently negotiating with Slovakia on cooperation, for example, in training and logistical security, because Bratislava plans to purchase the same defenses.

The Minister of Defense Jana Ernochov signed the declaration on the joint approach on the weekend, with the idea that the purchase price of equipment could be reduced across the country, and Czech and Slovak companies could participate in repairs and the production of replacement parts.

The government decided in the middle of the year to start one of the CV90 vehicles by way of an intergovernmental agreement. The CV90 armor of the old manufacturer was a favorite even in the canceled tender. As one of the invited platforms, it is established in seven European countries and has been tested in combat operations, in addition, it has great potential for modernization, the Ministry of Defense pointed out.

1,300 units were produced and it is currently in service in seven European countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Estonia. Neighboring Slovakia wants to buy 152 canine combat vehicles in Pepote for about 42 billion crowns.

The Czech army has a new armored vehicle to replace the outdated and aging BVP-2 machines from the Soviet era. Minister Ernochov announced that she will try to cover the budget for five years with the purchase of armor. During negotiations, he wants to achieve a minimum of 40 percent of the order from the Czech defense industry.

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