Transparency International bosses: The Austrian should leave. He damaged the intelligence and the government

Anti-corruption experts criticize the Minister of the Interior because of his appointment and subsequent support of Petr Mlejenko as head of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI).

Mlejnek was in contact with Michal Redl, who is accused in the Dosimeter case together with the deputy mayor of Prague for STAN Petr Hlubuček. However, according to Rakušan, this was not the reason for Mlejenko’s dismissal. Mlejnek finally resigned himself on Thursday.

There is already ANO in the Dosimeter network, Vildumetzová had contacts with one of the accused


“The government led by Petr Fiala declared a ‘change’, part of which should also include the improvement of the political culture in the Czech Republic. However, the development so far does not show much improvement. On the contrary, the actions of the Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan, undermine trust and discredit both his department and the entire coalition government,” Kopečný told Novinkám.


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It’s up to Fial now, says Kopečný

“If a similar case were to happen to a member of the government in a country with a developed political culture, where our country should aspire, it is very likely that he would have to leave the post. It is now up to the prime minister to assess whether Vít Rakušan is no longer a burden for the government,” added Kopečný.

Ondráček also criticizes the situation surrounding the Austrian minister. “The Austrian proceeded very amateurishly, he damaged the intelligence and the government. I don’t know if it was just his bad judgment or if there were other reasons. But now the minister won’t resign, STAN is behind him. It would be the end of the government,” he wrote to Novinkám.

The National Fund against Corruption (NFPK) is more lenient towards the Austrian. “From our point of view, Mr. Petr Mlejenko’s resignation as head of civil intelligence is adequate,” NFPK chairman Karel Škácha wrote to Novinkám.

Intelligence chief Mlejnek resigns


“We cannot comment on the resignation or retention of the Austrian minister, as we do not have any relevant evidence that would indicate involvement in corruption or a conflict of interest. We will not comment on the political dimension of the case,” added Škácha.

State Reconstruction spokesman David Klempíř took a similar approach to the situation. “We perceive doubts about the occupation of ÚZSI by Mr. Mlejnek, however, we do not have any more detailed information about this sub-case,” he wrote.

“From the standpoint of State Reconstruction, systemic measures are important to us. And here we positively assess that the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic under the leadership of Vít Rakušan has done a good job, for example on the amendment to the Information Act or the amendment to the Act on Associations in Political Parties,” Klempíř added.

Austrian: Let’s hope the black information doesn’t come out

Mlejnka’s credibility was not only undermined by contacts with Redl. According to Seznam Zpráv reporters, Mlejnek was also intercepted in the Techniserv corruption case.

Mlejnek worked there for ten years, three of its high-ranking managers were convicted for corrupt practices. Mlejnek talks to them about public contracts during the police wiretapping, but does not say anything specific.

Until recently, the Austrian downplayed concerns about Mlejnek’s credibility by saying that the reason for his dismissal from the head of the intelligence service was only the failure to obtain a top-secret security clearance. Mlejnek had it. In the end, however, he resigned himself.

“I consider his decision (to resign) to be very reasonable,” the Austrian said on Thursday at an extraordinary meeting of the House of Representatives, which was called by the opposition to express no confidence in the government.

“When choosing a new director, we will proceed in the style we have. And we will hope that no black information appears in the media space. We need a director who will give peace to the service,” he added.

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