The Czech Philharmonic plays on the Vltava

The Czech Philharmonic plays on the Vltava
The Czech Philharmonic plays on the Vltava

On Friday evening, the Czech Philharmonic will play its celebratory Concert for Europe right on the Vltava river in the center of Prague. The concert is an event on the occasion of the Czech presidency in the Council of the European Union.

The Prague Sounds floating stage from the year before last. Photo: Prague Sounds.

As part of the Prague Sounds / Struny podzimu festival, a Concert for Europe will take place on the Vltava River on Friday at 8 p.m., which will be performed by the Czech Philharmonic under the baton of chief conductor Semjon Byčkov.

“For the first concert of the Czech Philharmonic directly on the surface of the Vltava, we are expanding the floating stage to accommodate 170 performers. The auditorium will also be enlarged, its capacity will increase from 1,000 to 1,200 seated spectators. So it will be the biggest crowd in the history of Prague Sounds,” smiles festival director Marek Vrabec.

At the Concert for Europe, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy will be played at the beginning. “We will give out sheet music and text to the audience, and I believe that we will confirm the saying ‘what’s Czech, it’s a musician’ and that our massive audience choir will join in the singing,” Vrabec is looking forward to.

This will be followed by compositions by our world-famous composers – Antonín Dvořák’s Carnival, Bedřich Smetana’s Vltava and Leoš Janáček’s monumental Glagolitic Mass. Tickets for the floating auditorium are currently sold out, but as usual it will be possible to watch the concert from the embankment, Slovanské ostrov, Legion bridge and also from the vessels.

“This year there will also be a sailing regatta, which will complete the unique atmosphere of this festive evening,” adds Vrabec, another news item. New bell #9801 will provide the opening ceremony of the concert. Its designation refers to the number of bells silenced in our country during the Second World War. For each bell that was destroyed, one kilogram was added to the new bell, so the weight is exactly 9801 kg.

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