Heated debate: Senate candidates from Prague 11 argued about Putin

Heated debate: Senate candidates from Prague 11 argued about Putin
Heated debate: Senate candidates from Prague 11 argued about Putin

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9/2/2022, 12:42 p.m

On TN Live, the series of debates that TV Nova organizes before the senate elections continued on Friday. This time, the candidates from the Prague 11 district debated with moderator Bára Divišová. When it came to the topic of the war in Ukraine, the atmosphere was very tense and the candidates argued with each other.

In a pre-election debate with candidates for the Senate from the Prague 11 district, moderator Bára Divišová discussed, for example, the actions of Petr Fiala’s (ODS) cabinet. Hana Kordová Marvanová, who is a non-party candidate for SPOLA, stood up for him. “The government doesn’t screw people over,” she said, objecting to the YES movement’s billboards.

“I support this government in its reform efforts, and if it does not do it, I will support the next government in its reform efforts,” said independent candidate Tomáš Hudeček.

Ladislav Kos (Movement for Prague 11), on the other hand, spared no criticism. “I think the government has disappointed. It already started with the allowance for children, when the limit was set very high. The energy tariff is another general measure where those who consume more energy, for example for the swimming pool, will receive a higher allowance,” he named the cabinet’s mistakes .

According to Vladimír Špidla (ČSSD), the government is not acting fast enough. “Whoever reacts quickly, reacts effectively. The government underestimated it. It did not react appropriately. We have known for a long time that prices are out of control,” he stated.

The debate also touched on the war in Ukraine. “The only way is diplomacy. We have to talk to President Putin, otherwise I don’t know when this war will end,” declared David Bohbot (Svobodní). Other candidates strongly objected to this. Kordová Marvanová stressed that Vladimir Putin is an international criminal.

Hudeček reacted even more harshly, who first repeated that it was terrible. He then even raised his voice at his opponent and retorted that it was the same as dealing with Hitler. “He wants to destroy Ukraine. Some of us have really gone crazy,” Hudeček said in disgust.

Robert Vašíček (for ČSNS) repeated in the debate that he apologized for the statement about the president of Ukraine, whom he called a war jester. “I was very nervous about the fact that the war has human casualties. I think from the beginning there should have been a peace line of UN troops to separate the warring parties,” he explained.

Watch the clip from Televní noviny:

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