REVIEW: Queen of the Night is played by him. The Magic Flute definitely won’t break

REVIEW: Queen of the Night is played by him. The Magic Flute definitely won’t break
REVIEW: Queen of the Night is played by him. The Magic Flute definitely won’t break

Today, we can only guess what Emanuel Schikaneder wanted to convey to the public and, on the contrary, to hide in his magical singspiel The Magic Flute. The symbolism and imagination of the period of Vienna is of course not as accessible to the contemporary audience as it was in 1791. The opera troupe surrounded by the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart still fascinates with its playfulness and continues to lead to more and more interpretations.

One of the last ones has now been taken care of by the regional duo SKUTR, who are playing Kouzelná fltná lová with the Divadl v Dlouh. Luk Trpiovsk and Martin Kukuka perform here at the post of artistic director and take part in the play of the National Theatre.

Alamounsk choice

The SKUTR duo conceived the journey of Prince Tamino and Papageno to the mysterious Queen’s Night in a truly original way. Dj opera toti planted in the gallery. Tamino is a common resident here on Ondej Rychlho, a restorer of the work of an old master who falls asleep while working.

In the gallery, he wakes up in another world, which is still a bit contemporary. Papageno (Miroslav Zavir) is an insider who shakes his head at modern art, quickly wakes up a hero and is forever credited with killing a dangerous snake. The queen of the night is then an alcohol-dispensing house, which appears to the gallery as a result of a published vernissage. The female role of The Magic Flute was played somewhat surprisingly by Jan Sklen. As the director Trpiovsk pointed out half-heartedly during the rehearsals, the creators decided on Sklene so that they wouldn’t have to guess which of the 60 women in the ensemble would get the role with the enigmatic little girl.

Szka howled at Sklene every day. The actor surprised with his first speech, with which he won all parties with bravado. In addition, it can be used in the Royal Palace to underline the overall lightness of the piece and the way to the top. The Magic Flute in the Theater in Dlouh is a truly light, dreamlike, magical performance that flows with the same self-same nature with which the author Schikaneder has found the individual parts of the story for himself and incomprehensible easily.

The magic flute

Theatre in Long

premiere May 26, 2022

manager: SCOOTER

play: Sara Venclovsk, Quick over there, Miroslav Zavir, Martin Matejka, Jan Sklen, Tom Turk, Klra Sedlkov-Oltov, Maria Poulov, Maria Turkov, Magdalena Zimov

Rated:80 %

Inscentoi can ask for their classic tm. Jakub Kopeck was again in charge of the haunting scene, Simona Rybkov of the costumes. Of their work, the personification of the priest (Marie Poulov, Magdalena Zimov, Marie Turkov) is the most interesting, who appears to the hero in the form of two bulbs that resemble God’s eye, one of the symbols of Freemasonry.

The due stanza is, of course, Mozart’s music in ivm p. The orchestra is led by Matj Kroupa, who also stands behind the real music for the needs of the news.

A light, playful piece, built on the imagination of all creators and the enthusiasm of all singing actors, it really fits into everyday life and serves as a gentle escape from everyday worries. SKUTR broke with the theater in style.

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