Denisa graduated from her childhood home thanks to the foundation. Let’s help the children too

Denisa graduated from her childhood home thanks to the foundation. Let’s help the children too
Denisa graduated from her childhood home thanks to the foundation. Let’s help the children too

Denisa did not have many memories of her childhood at home, she often witnessed domestic violence. The parents couldn’t manage their debts, they drank, the children lived in misery and fear.

Friends of TERIBEAR collection

Movement does not suit you or you are not in Prague, but you want to be part of the community of helpers? Even that is mon. First, therefore, we will hold a public gathering for all friends among TERIBEAR. Anyone can write to the Friends of TERIBEAR collection. Anytime. Anywhere. First you. Click HERE. Let’s move. In their contribution, the Tereza Max Foundation will support children and help abandoned and endangered children. One for all, shout for TERIBEAR!

In Prague, Vy completed the social first professional round, where the foundation supported her during her studies, and she was preparing for a new, working stage of her life. However, then she realized that the siblings, who had been moving from foster home in the meantime, were not at home at the time. That’s why she asked for the wedding of her brother and sister.

Covid, a long and difficult situation for the siblings, meant two very difficult years when the foundation tried to help them again. Today, the siblings are happy with each other and have even renewed relations with their parents.

Denisa now works in a non-profit organization that supports foster families. She wants to help children who, like her, did not have an easy start in life.

Every hunter is a personality and they need to support each other in their dreams and goals. Investing in disadvantaged young people is the best investment in their future. Together, we will move people’s destinies and help young people like Denisa fulfill their dream of traveling abroad!

Move with TERIBEAR and help others

The 12th sports charity event of the Tereza Maxov dtem Foundation starts at eight o’clock TERIBEAR runs through Praguewhich is organized by people who want to support a good cause and help abandoned and endangered children.

You can ride non-stop on the paved circuit in Letenské sady, i.e. at any hour of the day or night, from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th 2022 run and run as many kilometers as possible.

Kilometers are automatically calculated by IP, which can be purchased when registering online ( Online registration probh from 25th January 2022. It is then possible to register in the city of Konn after the event. The price of an ipu for residents is 250 crowns. Its purchase (in the form of a public collection) supports good vc. stick, which one of the 10 concrete area to help in the rmci of current pbh, is 25 crowns and the castle is a firm partner of the foundation.

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