Prague 5 will exceptionally support schools and kindergartens due to energy prices

03/09/2022 8:38 | Press Release

The Prague 5 district allocated an extraordinary contribution of 4.3 million crowns from this year’s budget, which it sends to elementary and kindergarten schools. The one-time aid is aimed at the purchase of energy until the end of the calendar year.

Photo: City Hall Prague 5
Description: Prague 5 Town Hall

“Extreme energy prices affect school facilities to a large extent, and it is clear that the expenses that schools and kindergartens have been counting on until the end of the year will be significantly higher. Therefore, all school facilities established by our district will receive an extraordinary contribution so that they can pay for energy and the children have warmth in the classrooms,” explains the reason for the extraordinary contribution, the mayor of the district responsible for education, Renáta Zajíčková (ODS).


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For schools and kindergartens established by the city district, this means a welcome increase in resources for purchasing energy by 10% against the planned framework. In the event that this is not enough, the management of the municipal district is ready to respond adequately.

“Thanks to our responsible work with the budget, we managed to significantly reduce the operating expenses of the office. We did so partly because we anticipated a certain negative price development and wanted to have a sufficient reserve. This is now proving extremely prescient. Thanks to savings and overall better management, we can now support sports clubs or the very important area of ​​education,” adds councilor for finance Jan Kavalírek (TOP 09).

The Prague 5 district is establishing 13 elementary and 24 kindergartens. The City Hall will also reflect the expected increased expenses for the purchase of energy in the next calendar year in the draft budget for 2023, which is currently being prepared.

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