Prague 8: On the first day of school, a total of 1,150 first-graders sat in their desks

03/09/2022 9:41 | Press Release

In Prague 8, approximately 8,700 pupils returned to all fifteen elementary schools established by the district. 1,150 first-graders experienced their first day of school in the classrooms.

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The mayor of Prague 8 Ondřej Gros (ODS) also attended the traditional welcome of the first graders at Bohumil Hrabal elementary school in Libni. The choice of this school for today was logical. Mayor Gros visited the first-graders here not only as a representative of the district, but also as a father. His daughter Cecílie also experienced her first day of school in the benches here.

The mayor wished the principal that the school would function well under her leadership and that not only the children but also the teaching staff would like to go to school. Above all, he wished all the children that this school year would be successful for them, undisturbed by anything, that they would not only learn many new things, but also find new friends. And also to keep them healthy and careful in and out of school.

“September is coming again, children are happily returning to school. I wish them and you, their parents, a smooth start to the school year. To the children, the kind teachers, and to the parents, that their children prosper well and enjoy the newly acquired knowledge. And if they don’t do well at school, be kind and understanding to your children,” Mayor Gros added.

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