Under the hands of the Karlovy Vary artist, Czech meadow porcelain flourished

Under the hands of the Karlovy Vary artist, Czech meadow porcelain flourished
Under the hands of the Karlovy Vary artist, Czech meadow porcelain flourished

Its theme is the most common plants that you can find in our meadows, the author explains.

As models, they used a sedge, a clover, a bell and a thistle. But I was surprised at how many types of clover there are. And I was only amused by the mistake, because the straight color on the new decor is represented by a thistle, to the art book.

The new decor of the porcelain is already close not only to the object, but also to the work on it. I tried again the drill they taught me on the bike. I drew with crayons according to the floor of all the plants. I scanned it and didn’t edit it in secret.

According to him, even making the stickers themselves was not entirely simple. It took about two months to pick up all the color nuances. The decor is a combination of twelve colors. For others, I only use those colors, he explains.

The decor appears exclusively on the shape named TOM. Its author was Piblin in the mid-nineties, an academic sculpture by Ji Latovik. Even after so many years, it still has its own modern impression, like the porcelain service of the art gallery.

But I am very proud of the fact that the TOM shape still retains its popularity. She was the first to design the roof surfaces of the service, i.e. the beams, pods and ovals.

Premiere at the Porcelain Festival

The service with a new decor will be presented to the public at the autumn Porcelnov festivities. That’s a big change. At first, this will not take place in front of the Grandhotel Pupp, but in the center of Karlovy Vary near the Ambassador Hotel.

Lenka Srov Malsk can’t believe how much decor she created for Novorossiysk porcelain. And it’s about those that have been implemented or those that didn’t make it into production. There are a lot of ideas in my head, the model ensures.

In addition to the new interior motif, which first led the porcelain value chain, she would like to create a series of decor with a bird motif. Ornithologist’s kadoron hunger bird of the year. I would be happy if it were possible to create a tradition, when every year he would appear on some decor, and the author of his dream fully into the future.

First drafts of art worktops. In addition to the bird of the year 2022, which has a green bell, I also have a crust ready. Hopefully it will be possible to realize both motives of going to Vnoc, added Lenka Srov Malsk.

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