The defunct factory in Semile is going to the ground. Build sdlit here

The defunct factory in Semile is going to the ground. Build sdlit here
The defunct factory in Semile is going to the ground. Build sdlit here

Instead of old industrial buildings, a private investor is building hundreds of apartments with underground parking. The house will have five floors, each with six floors, said the mayor of Semil, Lena Mlejnkov.

The investor may be the financial group Finapra, which specializes mainly in the construction of logistics centers, warehouses and production halls. In addition, it is also behind the construction of the Turnov brewery in Munich, and two years ago it also bought the indebted skiarel Javornk, including the Ob sud restaurant in Liberecko. In the case of apartments built by Finapra, in addition to Semil, it also fulfills residential housing in Budjovice, Czech Republic.

Semilsk Tofa

Tofa, np, Semily was a well-known Slovak manufacturer of old and new toys, board games, etc. The name was created by combining the English words TOys and FActory, i.e. toy factory. At first, it was woven mainly at the factory in Albrechtice in the Jizerské horchy, from where the cloth was transported to Semil in 1958.

The products included various toys, board games, wooden figurines, wooden pearls and products made from them, wooden haberdashery and jewelry, printed and cardboard products, play sets, puzzle pieces, small products made of cotton.

In addition to classic children’s toys, Tofa also supplied other items for children’s rooms and maternity bikes, and produced children’s accessories for bikes. However, the company was unable to compete with other toy manufacturers. Since 1990, the volume of production has decreased. The transformation into a joint-stock company, nor the subsequent privatization, were not enough to save the small business.

In order for the company to build bval Tofy on the land, the representative had to approve the change of land fill. The area is registered as a brownfield, so in terms of land it is an area prepared for production.

However, due to the location of the land, the residence appears to be a suitable place for production and storage. We have been negotiating with the investor from the beginning about the fact that he should coordinate his project with the planned construction of the future terminal at the train station and the future stretch of the city, which will go between the Bokovsk Brodsk crowns. It is clear, however, that considering the difference between the investor, when the Railway Administration and the Libereck Region are also involved, the term of the construction will be very complex, said the mayor of the city.

Half of the inhabitants of Semil are confused by the transformation of the dilapidated arel Tofy vt. If there will be apartments in the city, it will certainly be a huge plus for Semily. If their price were high, it will push other people here again. Semily will at least have something to buy. Around Turnov and Lomnice flourish and nothing here, Michaela Opralov wrote, for example, on social media.

Thus, the production and storage halls will grow

However, the abandoned Tofa is not the only plot of land that a private investor has shown interest in. Another is the still unused area along Brodsk Street, which is fully cleared for business.

Semily has been trying to sell the land since 2008, the Czechinvest agency also helped, but in vain. It has only just been possible to agree with the company Singing Rock that they will build a production and storage hall here within six years, which will probably employ around 100 people.

There are many steps ahead of us, but it turns out that our city is also attractive for private investors. I know that both projects can be completed and there will be both job opportunities and quality housing opportunities in Semile, Mayor Mlejnkov added.

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