Prague is littered with traffic sign prints, ideas are often confusing

It’s some kind of historicism, let’s do it. Don’t make sense of it. Clem is getting rid of traffic signs, responded to the situation in Hrskho street, Prague 11 transport councilor Martin Duka (Pirti).

The same problem is repeated in many places in different variations. Traffic experts should also point this out. There are so many signs that ideas can come true. Information such as Stop, Give way, Main road or Stop can be viewed, explains Petr Kumpot, assistant professor from the Faculty of Transport, BUT.

According to traffic experts, behind the usual traffic signs is alibi so that in the event of a traffic accident, no one is aware that the city is properly marked.

From the police’s point of view, every section of road must be marked correctly. Every kiot automatically invalidates the signs, so it is necessary that they be repeated, Kumpot added. The moral mark is assessed by the traffic police.

But it is not true that road traffic would not be possible without the confusion of signs. The city boasts that it cleaned Vyehrad. There is a uniform transport regime in the area, describes the way to change the Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam Scheinherr (Prague sob).

Eliky Pekov and Zlatnick

There is a large cluster of traffic signs, for example, in Eliky Pekov Street in Prague 5. There, the town hall describes the issue of the large number of traffic signs and the need to limit them in its general traffic.

He was known

Elika Pekov

In front of the house. o. 11, the destruction is first stopped and then places for the disabled are defined. This is repeated before. o. 15, where the sign is level with the blue parking sign.


The first two signs in the street are only about half a meter apart and contain a total of nine different pieces of information. It is a one-way road in which only cyclists can ride in both directions. In zn it is limited for nklaks.

Roundabout near Pran brny

Prague 1 is at Pra

This year in May, the roundabout near Pran brny caused a great controversy. According to Prague 1 councilor Richard Bure (ODS), it is difficult to combine because of the legislation. In England, when you go to a roundabout, an old man comes, takes a piece of paper, goes to, makes a chest out of concrete and goes all the way to the reflector, to Bure. According to him, the successor of the Britons will have a red breast and a blue crown around it. With us, you have to have two crowns, but four, carve out the areas where the car can’t be found, and surround the posts. I can’t see the green ones, so we at least chose black, added Bure.

Some are really redundant or not up-to-date. We are aware of this, to the Mayor of Prague 5 Renta Zajkov (ODS). She let her city’s transport department explain the situation in the communication described. All the signs there have their drainage, and in Eliky Pekova street, the department does not see any possibility of any reduction, the mayor writes.

Another city with a scrum of traffic signs is Zlatnick in Prague 1. Among other things, there is a ban on entering the city for buses. Please note that these rules do not apply to vehicles with the exception of the capital. The demarcated parking zone is repeated, there is also a reserved space for the disabled in the city, and the damage has been stopped, with the exception of those charged within fifteen minutes. According to Prague 1 transport councilor Richard Bure (ODS), it is necessary to change the legislation.

The problem in Zlatnick is, among other things, that all characters must be repeated after entering the garage, he explains.

Although the city often relies on shortcomings in the legislation, the Ministry of Transport claims that the city hall decided not to actively call for change.

We understand that some people may feel uncertain about this topic. But if that is the case, they can turn to us in this matter. However, unlike other events, they did not do so, according to the department’s Frantiek Jemelka.

We did not notice that the town halls stood up and wanted advice or help. In terms of uncertainty and precautionary measures regarding certain types of traffic signs, no one has turned to us, according to the ministry.

However, the head of the metropolis objects and insists that after the changes, we will try to change the signs and place as many as possible on one column, where the legislation allows. We even submitted an initiative to the Ministry of Transport, but the legislative department rejected our proposals, especially Deputy Mayor Scheinherr.

These changes have a great deal of support from the minister. I am a big fan of simplified road signs. I want to adjust the rules, for MF TODAY Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS).

As long as the legislation does not change, for example in Prague 1, in some places the problems with the traffic signs are on the edge of the existing rules. According to councilman Buree, it was about you Lazarsk. We had a totem there with all the mandatory information for the crossing and there was really a lot of it, he said.

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