Rejuvenate with a buccal massage. The expert also shares instructions on Instagram

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And because I wanted to find out what effect this method would have on me, I turned to therapist Jiří Čeladník, who was trained directly by the founder of sculptural and buccal massage, Yakov Gerhkovich. By the way, Dara Rolins, Andrea Růžičková, Saša Rašilov, Olga Menzelová come for this massage to Jirka’s Love Your Skin salon. Among world celebrities, Megan Markle, Kate Moss or Jennifer Lopez will not allow her.

Trust is essential

The therapist first sits down with each new client and explains what awaits them during the treatment. “I like to get to know my clients, ask what they expect and explain that this method is not about a permanent lifting effect, but about regular self-care. It is also perfectly fine for me if they come only once, learn something from me, and then do the massage themselves at home. I also have instructional videos on Instagram for this purpose,” says Jiří, for whom it is very important that clients feel relaxed and safe during a massage. “After all, it is a relatively delicate treatment. That’s where trust is essential. When there is total relaxation, it also has an effect on the facial muscles, I get deeper and the effect is better,” explains the therapist.

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Nothing against botox

Although the sculptural buccal method, which Jiří also calls modeling lifting, is non-invasive, it has nothing against botox or hyaluronic acid fillers. “In the end, these methods can complement each other well. But I feel that it is necessary to approach it with humility, because every time we take something away from nature, we need to add it somewhere,” explains the therapist, citing the already mentioned hyaluronic acid as an example.

“Whether we want it or not, by applying it, a barrier to the flow of lymph is created in the face, which flows in the skin based on the movement of the muscles. And if we prevent this movement, the lymph stops circulating. Then swelling can form, the face becomes round. And massage, which deeply stimulates the muscles, visibly helps in that case,” describes the therapist, whose clients go for botox or fillers. “However, it is important for them that the procedures are not visible on them. And thanks to the buccal massage, the face is more natural.”

After this unusual massage in the salon, you can maintain the lifting effect without the use of needles and a scalpel even at home thanks to Jiří Čeladník’s video instructions. You can find them on his Instagram @loveyourskincz. Check out some of them.

Maximum relaxation

The longer the therapist described the unusual method to me, the more I burned with curiosity about how it would work on me. I’ve never had any cosmetic procedures and I enjoy taking care of myself, but of course I notice how gravity affects me as I get older and some wrinkles can’t be erased even by a good night’s sleep.

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The entire treatment began with a thorough cleansing and toning of the skin, using BDR products. Then Jirka applied Noili nourishing oil to me and began the massage, during which no devices or tools are used – everything is provided only by the therapist’s hands.

In the first phase, which takes place on the surface of the skin, the flow of lymph is stimulated, and I must say that I cannot describe this part of the massage other than as a fantastic experience. I stopped perceiving time and just enjoyed total relaxation, the touch of the therapist’s hands and I felt myself falling into an unknown place to the sounds of Storm by violinist Vanessa Mae.

The second phase woke me up – it was noticeably more energetic. It is performed in three lines, namely in the lower part of the face, cheekbones and in the eyebrow area. I appreciated that Jiří drew my attention to the fact that during the internal massage in the lower part of the face, various sounds of the moving mouth can be heard. And that there is no need to feel ashamed, but on the contrary, one should relax… But I admit that the thought crossed my mind at times, and at times this strongly stimulating massage was also a little painful – especially in the area of ​​the masticatory muscles. It’s because these areas are overloaded, I tend to clench my jaw when I’m stressed, but this is said to be common with most clients.

Ninety minutes went by so quickly I was sorry. But when I looked in the mirror after the treatment, it seemed to me that although I had no make-up on and my skin was slightly red in places, I looked rested and my whole face seemed visibly off. This effect lasted for a whole week and since then I have been maintaining it with home massages according to Jirko’s instructions.

Health above all

At the end, Jirka and I talk about whether this massage is suitable for everyone. “I do not recommend it in pregnancy after the first trimester. This is because deep stimulation of the muscles occurs, which induces a state in the body similar to labor contractions and can also induce premature birth. This also applies to all deep massages, where reflex points are stimulated. Pregnant women should forget about them during their blessed state. Furthermore, it is not suitable for severe forms of acne, for infectious diseases, colds, increased gum bleeding, problems with the lymphatic system, but sometimes also for thyroid disease, which almost every second client has. There is an important consultation with a doctor. If she is stabilized and taking medication, she can undergo modeling lifting without restrictions,” concludes Jiří.

The method is intended for those who prefer nature to drastic medical interventions. At the same time, however, it is not excluded, for example, with botox or facial fillers, on the contrary, it can complement them appropriately.

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