House of Commons: verbal football without rules

The opposition says it needed a space where its powerful voice could be heard. Otherwise, he says, he won’t be able to do much. The government scolds her: We have many necessary laws to discuss, and you are wasting time like this?

Does Fiala deserve the trust?

He’s right, the government.

But back to the past! Two years ago, the now state-forming Zbyněk Stanjura was one of the most capable obstructionists. The so-called democratic opposition used every opportunity to undermine the government of the “accused agent” Babiš at equally lengthy meetings. He is now talking about the government of organized crime. Either he wants to give it back to them, or somehow he liked the phrase.

To a normal person, it rightly seems like crazy bullshit. But if we are making comparisons with football, consider this: Ofsjad does not apply. In addition, the captain and his assistants may play with their hands. There are no goals anywhere, the one who shouts the loudest will score. It is played until the footballers drop or decide to leave for a beer. When one team (female) goes out for a beer, it doesn’t lose, it just happened.

This is how the rules of the local parliament look like. Just a little more chaotic. MPs have to move around in that jungle, trying to get attention and some benefits. The parties set traps and schemes for each other. By the way, laws are still being passed. Legislators do not have much time for them, the main thing for them is to fight under the banner of the party or under their own banner.

Slovakia is headed for uncertainty. And at the very worst time

It’s not their fault, that’s how the rules are set. If someone wants to change them at least a little, the opposition immediately opposes it: “You are attacking the very heart of democracy!” As if democracy consisted in the right to endless nightly speeches, insults and vitriol.

Changing the schedule of the Chamber of Deputies is essential for the modernization of our country. Similar to education or pension reform. All things that the government and the opposition have to solve together. But we find ourselves in a vicious circle. A House without rules only creates bloodlust and blood feud. A proposal for change is understood as a betrayal.

Endless, useless, shouting meetings will continue.

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